HexaHealth & Milaap: On a path-breaking mission to ensure wellness for all with #IfPossible

HexaHealth, a healthtech start-up launched with the aim of providing free-of-cost surgery support for people from all strata of society, has launched a one-of-a-kind crowdfunding campaign called #IfPossible in association with Milaap – among India’s most trusted crowdfunding platforms. This initiative aims to ensure the right to good health for people from the lower-income groups.


Our country is in critical need of such initiatives. According to a PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India) report, close to 55 million Indians fall below the poverty line in a single year solely because of their expenditures on healthcare. A survey by The Lancet reveals that almost 2.4 million Indians die of treatable conditions every year. Even more disappointing is the fact that out of the 136 nations studied in their report, ours is the worst situation.


HexaHealth aims to impact 100+ lives over the next six months through this initiative. This will involve identifying eligible patients through online campaigns and conducting on-ground camps across 5 cities. Free-of-cost doctor consultations will be facilitated and organised to diagnose medical conditions; documents will be verified and amounts raised disbursed systematically to hospitals providing treatment. The crowd-funding platform partners will help scrutinise patient profiles and hospitalisation bills to ensure genuine utilisation of the corpus amount.


“It is unfortunate that because of financial constraints, the “right” to good health usually ends up becoming a “luxury” for such patients. They do not have insurance support or coverage under government benefits. And they depend on their immediate earnings for their daily needs, so there are hardly any savings leftover that can cover the cost of medical treatment. At HexaHealth, our efforts are to ensure nobody is denied a healthy life only because they are shouldering responsibilities – be it financial requirements of the family, children’s education or any other pressing commitments We aim to be there for our patients, in all ways possible – physical, emotional and financial. With this initiative, we hope people from all across the country will come forward and donate to a cause that will bring an invaluable change in the lives of people less fortunate,” says Ankur Gigras, Co-founder, HexaHealth.


The Milaap Foundation is happy to support the HexaHealth initiative. “While Milaap has, over the years, focused on serious health issues that may take time to resolve, this time we are concentrating on concerns that can be resolved with elective surgeries, helping bring a new lease of life to people who need it the most. Such patients are usually in so much discomfort that even getting a good night’s sleep, enjoying a hearty meal or working at their full potential, becomes challenging. Besides, if they are not attended to in time, there may be serious consequences. Together, HexaHealth and Milaap hope to enable all to lead happy, healthy lives,” says Ajith S Babu, VP, Milaap Foundation.