High-level commitment key to advancement of STEM in Africa

The just-ended STEM boot camp, emphasized the need for increased high-level commitment to STEM advancement in Africa for the accelerated socio-economic development of the continent. During the boot camp, the interactions between the students and high-level officials, proved key, in increasing the level of enthusiasm of the students as well as to show the real need for investments in STEM, specifically at the grassroots levels.

The Regional Director of the UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, Prof Hubert Gijzen, called for an urgent and increased high-level commitment to advancing STEM education and application in Africa. He echoed his sentiments during a high-level delegation visit to the STEM boot camp in Kigali, where students were learning about Microscience Kits, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing. He called for African governments and the wider developmental community to match the enthusiasm being shown by young people in the fight to leap-frog Africa into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Minister of State in charge of Primary and Secondary Education in Rwanda, Gaspard Twagirayezu supported the argument by highlighting some of the work being done by his government in pushing for the advancement of STEM in Rwanda. He said: “The Government of Rwanda is focusing on promoting Science, Technology and Research (STR) in line with National Strategy for Transformation which the following main orientations and aspirations: a Knowledge-based Economy, Promoting the STEM and ICT for the common good, Enhancing the quality education, inclusive and lifelong education for all our schools, and improving livelihoods of the Rwandan people and Africans at large.”

During her visit to the boot camp exhibition space at the Kigali Convention Centre, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Chair of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group, Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, expressed her joy, with the activities that were being done during the boot camp and the knowledge gained by the students during the boot camp. She encouraged the organisers and governments to ensure that the talent inherent in the youth of Africa, is fully utilised for the sustainable development of Africa.

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