Highly Effective Ways To Increase Stamina When Playing Football



Becoming a football player is not easy. You need to train a lot and there are many things that have to be improved. One of the vital aspects of the sport is stamina. You can never have too much stamina when you play football. If you take a look at the best betting sites and see the top teams in the world, you will instantly notice that their best players have huge stamina. Do you want the same thing? Here are some effective ways to do exactly that.

Practice Really Specific Exercises

Some examples:

  • Cardiovascular exercises – Sometimes referred to as aerobics, exercises like running, rope jumping, rowing, cycling and swimming will help a lot when practiced around one hour per day. This is because aerobic capacity is increased.
  • Circuit training – Circuit training with weights allows you to develop increased muscle strength. This instantly increases endurance.
  • Plyometric exercises – Exercises like burpees, box jumps, stair hops and one leg jumps can do wonders to increase resilience and energy, especially when you add extra weight.
  • Stretching – This should never be neglected as it reduces the possibility of getting injured and builds stamina.

Always Train Properly

If your goal is to improve stamina, you need to seriously consider:

  • Sprinting – Cycle training is important for sprinting so you are ready to do it as the game starts. Sprint trills with some added resistance, like vests or weighted pants, are particularly useful.
  • Fartlek training – As a football player, this helps move better by altering speed based on what happens around you.
  • Speed endurance run – This has to be done so that you increase how much and how fast you can move over different distances.
  • Soccer-ball drill – You can have the best stamina in the world and not be that great if you cannot translate that stamina as you have the ball at your feet.

Balance Your Diet

If you want to increase stamina, you have to eat right. It does not matter what sport you practice. This is always true. Your diet needs to be low in fats and high in carbs. It is important to eat around 6 times daily and avoid all the bad foods, like processed foods, soda, sugary items and junk food.

Always Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a priority whenever you train and even during football games. Body cells lose hydration and you end up feeling low on energy. This negatively influences performance and stamina. Be sure that you consume as much water as your body needs all throughout the day and especially during the games.

Rest As Much As Needed

Before a football game, you have to be sure that you rest as much as your body needs it. Every single player needs an average of around 8 hours of sleep every night. The body only recovers and rejuvenates during the night so try to avoid day naps and focus on a good night’s sleep.

Do Not Practice Too Much

Last but not least, be sure to avoid overtraining. You might be tempted to train a lot more than the body needs but if you do this, your stamina is negatively affected. In one week, you have to take some days off.

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