Hindu college hosted India’s one of the largest leadership Summit ‘Vaktavya 2020’


The Parliament of the Republic of Hindu College organized the two day long “Vaktavya : The Annual Conclave” of India’s reputed Hindu college . The splendid show began by the Lamp Lightning ceremony by the Chief Guest of the show – Dr. Jitender Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of State (Ind Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region and MoS PMO, the renowned child environmentalistLicypriya, members of faculty and the Prime Minister of the Hindu College Parliament and the Coordinator, Pakiz Khan.

The Chief Guest of the show – Dr. Jitender Singh was the first speaker, who motivated and encouraged the youngsters present in the Conclave bydiscussing the presence context of India as it has become the nucleus of the world. He highlighted “The need to serve the country by serving our Individual aptitudes”, “The commitment to work we do and the insecurities we live with in a society”. He concluded his speech by arousing the spirits of the people present there by asking them to have faith and dignity to become the next torch bearers of India.

The next speaker in line was the most famous child environmentalist Licypriya who spoke about her movement for climate change and encouraged the youth present there to take active steps in protecting the environment in this state of ‘Climate Emergency’.

This was followed by a powerful and impactful speech by the renowned Journalist Ashutosh. Vaktavya 2020 also witnessed the presence of a real hero named MillindChandwani an ex-Roadies participant who talked about his life and his journey of establishing the Camp Diaries organization which provides underprivileged children an opportunity to learn a skill.

The next speaker left the audience in tears with her bravery and her quest for justice, Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother. Col. Manoj Keshwar, the next speaker made a dramatic entry to the conclave on his motorcycle where he discussed about the need of the Youth to address environmental degradation and inspired the youth to come up with new solutions.

‘Vaktavya’ is very special and had become very personal to me. To see months of hard work being pulled off so well in such a successful event feels surreal. I am so glad to have worked with this team. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to uphold one of the largest undergraduate leadership summit.”Pakiz Khan, Coordinator, Hindu College Parliament.

After the address of the Activist and lawyer, Prashant Bhushan, the day ended with The poetry and storytelling session by the most acclaimed poetess Nidhi Narwal.