Hindustan Zinc CEO celebrates a special Children’s Day

Udaipur: Hindustan Zinc CEO – Sunil Duggal celebrated Children’s Day with visually impaired students at Pragya Chakshu Blind School in Udaipur.

‘There is a child in everyone and every child is special’ was the thought on this children’s day, as Hindustan Zinc CEO – Sunil Duggal celebrated this occasion with some special students. The CEO made a visit to the Pragya Chakshu School for Blind, Udaipur on 13th November, 2019 and spent some quality time with 104 visually impaired students.

Understanding how technology interventions from Hindustan Zinc are benefitting students of the Pragya Chakshu School, CEO HZL was very happy to interact with the students.

He had a brief discussion on the daily routine of the students, and was impressed on how seamlessly these students carry out their daily activities. The students too showed their enthusiasm, by sharing their emotions and aspirations. They were very optimistic on their future and the avenues for their upliftment in the society.

After this interaction, CEO HZL urged these students to be given an equal opportunity to grow in the society and no talent should be denied a chance to shine because of an impairment.

He reiterated that, “Jeevan Tarang is an initiative to work towards a more inclusive society, where every single ability & disability gets the same opportunities and recognition. Hindustan Zinc has partnered with experts to build capacities of these institutions and also engaging industry representatives to ensure good job opportunities for them.”

The Pragya Chakshu Blind School is a beneficiary under Hindustan Zinc’s Jeevan Tarang initiative. “Jeevan Tarang” is a unique initiative with an objective of enhancing education and skill opportunities for the disabled, and mainstreaming them into the society. Under the program, around 500 beneficiaries have been identified from Hindustan Zinc’s operational areas by working with schools for deaf-mute, visually impaired and for children with brain damages in Ajmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh and Udaipur.