Hindustan Zinc gives Narulal his means of earning

Udaipur: Narulal belongs to a very small village called Gujjar Kheda in the district of Chittorgarh. With an ambition to earn some money, he travelled to Jalgaon district in Maharashtra and opened an ice cream stall. However, that business did not fare well and feeling dejected, he decided to come back to Rajasthan in 2015. Here he gave another try to open a tea stall which failed again. One day while crossing a railway track, he unfortunately met with an accident by a speeding train and lost his leg.

Narulal had lost all hopes in life. Because of his physical condition, his wife also left him. While Narulal was still going through a terrible phase of life, he lost his father. Narulal in spite of his disability had to solely take care of his old mother. Completely shattered and broke, Narulal approached Hindustan Zinc for help.

Under its Samadhan Project, Hindustan Zinc, with the help of its NGO partner BAIF, gave Narulal 1 male and 5 female sirohi goats to rear & breed, along with 20 kg of wheat and a well-built manger for the goats. By breeding these goats, Narulal had 15 goats in total. By selling 5 goats, he earned around Rs. 35,000/. Today Narulal has 10 goats (9 females and 1 male) and by selling almost 2 litres of milk every day, he earns more than Rs. 3,000/- every month. Narulal now breeds his goats and plans to sell off 2 goats every year. Hindustan Zinc also provides his goats with timely vaccinations.

Narulal had seen worst days in his life. Without any mental and physical support, today Narulal was earning enough to suffice his mother and himself. Without any other source of income, rearing and breeding of goats had proved sufficient for him, giving him a regular income.

Hindustan Zinc’s Samadhan Project provides sustainable livelihoods through agriculture and livestock development. Today Samadhan Project is catering to more than 2000 families living in Ajmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand and Udaipur. Hindustan Zinc had indeed given Narulal a sense of independence.