HKU admits three outstanding athletes through the “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme”

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is pleased to admit three outstanding emerging and active athletes from Hong Kong through the new “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” in the first-round evaluation. Mr. Adrian Yung, who represented Hong Kong in alpine skiing at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be joining the Bachelor of Science programme while Mr. Coleman Wong, who has two grand slam titles with the Australian and the US Open Boys’ Doubles championship, and Mr. Russell Williams Aylsworth, who as a key member of the Hong Kong sailing team won the silver medal for the 49er Asian Championship in 2021 will be joining the Bachelor of Business Administration programme.

Professor Bennett Yim, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student Exchange, said: “The University of Hong Kong is the first institution to launch the “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme”. The outstanding athletes admitted in the first-round evaluation include rising stars in different fields of sports, which shows that the scheme covers a wide range of top athletes. We look forward to receiving more applications from outstanding athletes for our second-round assessment.”

Athletes admitted through the “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” will receive a scholarship of $400,000 which covers tuition fee waiver, living allowances and residential scholarship, and support for international exchange opportunities. HKU will also provide other support to the athletes, including personal academic advising, flexible learning arrangements, counselling, and physical training. Professor Yim added, “The active athletes who have been admitted to the scheme have great potential in advancing their sports career, and I believe there will be more opportunities for them to bring glory to Hong Kong. HKU will provide them with support in their academic and sports training, allowing them to achieve both sports and academic aspirations and continue to shine at the international sports arena.”

All athletes have achieved outstanding accomplishments in their respective sports fields. Alpine skier Adrian, who represented Hong Kong in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics last month, is the youngest member of the Hong Kong ski team and the first to qualify for the competition. In his 15 years of skiing, other than achieving accomplishments in the sport, Adrian also developed an interest in scientific fields including climate change, marine ecology, and sports science. Adrian will be pursuing his interest in science while continuing his career in skiing. “I also find the HKU Faculty of Science YouTube videos about the marine environment very interesting and impressive. I hope one day I can participate in it.”

Coleman started playing tennis at age 5 and has now been in the field for 12 years. He continues to strive for excellence in the sport and has won the US Open Boys’ doubles in 2021 and the Australian Open Boys’ Doubles in 2022. As a full-time tennis player, Coleman often has to visit foreign countries to participate in tournaments. “I am so pleased that the flexibility of this scheme can allow me to study when I am out of Hong Kong for competitions.” He understands that balancing studies and sports is not easy, “but with the encouragement from my parents, family, coach, and teammates, I am motivated to face the uncertainty of tomorrow.” Coleman’s ultimate goal is to represent Hong Kong in the Olympics and bring glory to the city by winning its first gold medal in tennis.

Sailor Russell Williams Aylsworth is looking forward to studying business at the HKU Business School. Having achieved success in various premier events, Russell has received second place in the 49er event in the 2021 Mussanah Open Championship Asia and Africa Olympic Qualifier. “Sailing has taught me the importance of discipline, grit, adaptability, and teamwork.” Russell believes that the qualities he gained from the sport will help him sail through the rough seas in life. “I am very grateful for the opportunity that HKU has given to Hong Kong Athletes and I will strive to work hard at my studies and push towards Paris 2024. I would love to get involved with the HKU community and share the lessons I’ve learned as an athlete with my fellow peers to create a competitive fun atmosphere for everyone.”

In order to benefit more elite athletes, the “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” will continue to accept nominations from designated institutions such as the Hong Kong Sports Institute or other sports associations until late April. For details, please visit:

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