HKU Department of Architecture ‘Healing Architecture’ Exhibition

The exhibition organised by the Department of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong (HKU will draw on Ricky Luk’s (humchuk) art practice that has called attention to mental health challenges in the urban environment. Ricky received his Master in Architecture from HKU in 2012 and has taken up a career as an illustrator and visual artist since 2014. His fourth book 累倒就躺著不要動 has just been released in mid-July 2021.

Ricky’s creative works also include collaboration with the Centre for Civil Society and Governance, HKU on a project called Focusing on SEN, and with the Department of Psychiatry, HKU for the development of HK Flow Tool, a mental health recognition tool. Currently, Ricky is researching the outlying island community as an artist-in-residence in the “Lamma Mia” public art project organised by the Art Promotion Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Throughout the course of three weeks, visitors will see the building of the exhibition in progress with live in-situ visits with the artist. Open exhibition studio visits will be held every Thursday and Saturday. For more details, please visit the HKU Architecture Gallery website.