HKU launches online series “Fireside Wednesday” Brainstorm with Alumni and Students Find Partners, Opportunities and Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on gatherings and events at all levels. The economic downturn is worrying to everyone especially this year’s graduates-to-be. In order to give students, alumni and young people the opportunity to share experiences and explore new ideas, the HKU Development and Alumni Affairs Office has turned its regular “Fireside Chat” event into a weekly online live chat programme “Fireside Wednesday”. It aims to help young alumni and students to find their passions and paths, and explore new partnerships, opportunities and resources.

The themes of the first three episodes were: Tourism & Innovation; Retail – New Partners & Opportunities; and COVID Cadenza.

Episode Four, live on April 8, will be on Sports & Innovation: Episode Four – How can Sports push back? (live chat in Cantonese, English synopsis for revisit)

With the Tokyo Olympic postponed, Wimbledon cancelled, the NBA and Premier League suspended, and Hong Kong’s Marathon, Trail Walker and sports training all called off, what can sportspeople and coaches do? How can the business of sports progress during these times?

The series of this 10-episode “Fireside Wednesday” was launched on March 18, each focusing on one topic, ranging from tourism, retail, technology, social, NGOs and education, to freelancing and startups. Alumni and students are invited to participate in live chats to explore new opportunities, make use of HKU’s extensive networks, and discover new resources such as support available to students and fresh graduates at HKU iDendron, a hub on campus for nurturing an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, a co-working space and incubator for HKU early-stage startups.