HKU launches “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” to admit top athletes based mainly on sports achievements

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) launches a new “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” to encourage more outstanding sports athletes to join HKU, with competitive admissions mainly based on sports achievements.

“We appreciate the perseverance of top athletes who dedicate their time and effort in pursuing their athletic dreams. Some key characteristics of athletes such as discipline, determination, persistence, and endurance are key factors for achieving academic success and these are also the qualities HKU expects our students to possess,” said Professor Bennett Yim, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student.

“Through this scheme, HKU hopes to empower young athletes to have an all-rounded development so that they will not lose the opportunity to study at a university because of their dedication to sports,” Professor Yim continued.

This scheme will provide top athletes with flexible study arrangements and various types of support, including residential scholarships, international exchange opportunities, academic consultation, subsidies for sports training and competition etc., allowing them to achieve both sports and academic aspirations and pursue their dreams with vigour and passion.

The Centre for Sports and Exercise at HKU will also provide tailored training plans for each athlete based on their physique and type of sports, and will arrange appropriate support such as physical training and psychological counselling.

Candidates admitted through the “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” can choose to study the programmes of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Social Sciences. These broad-based programmes allow athletes to enjoy greater flexibility in choosing their majors and minors. Outstanding athletes seeking admission to the University under this scheme should be nominated by sports institutions such as the Hong Kong Sports Institute or other sports associations.

The Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme’s Selection and Review Committee will evaluate the applicants holistically by considering their athletic achievements, interview performance, letters of recommendation, personal statements etc. Athletes who wish to apply for other programmes will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For details of the “Top Athletes Direct Admission Scheme”, please visit the website:

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