HKU responds to the media on online examination arrangements


“The University will regularly review and improve the arrangements for online examinations to ensure the fairness and credibility of the exams. For the final exams of this semester, the University has issued detailed and specific guidelines to teachers and students. Briefing sessions have been held in the middle of the month to explain the arrangements in detail. The University has also set up a hotline to provide support to students who encounter technical problems.

Electronic equipment required for exams are not the same for different modes of assessment. Only in pen and paper exams will students be required to use additional equipment to scan the answers.

If students are unable to take the exam at home due to network connection or other reasons, they can apply for special arrangements with the Examinations Office on or before 26 April. The University will make alternative arrangements according to the situation, such as providing suitable venues or equipment for students to take the exams.”