HKUST’s Innovative Business Education Prepares Students for a Cross-disciplinary and Sustainable Future

Bangalore: The School of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST Business School) strives to incubate interdisciplinary business leaders for a sustainable future.


New program filling the gap of sustainable and green finance skills


Being in the forefront of cross-disciplinary education for sustainable development, the HKUST Business School will open admissions for a brand-new program” BSc in Sustainable and Green Finance” (BSc SGFN) in September 2022.


The program is designed to fill the global talent gap for top-level green and sustainable finance experts. Aiming to nurture leaders and managers in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), impact investment, financing of sustainable projects and development of green products, students have to study a wide range of subjects across multiple disciplines – including climate and ESG, finance and risk management, statistics and programming, big data, operations management, public policy, among others.


Dual degree pathway for cross-disciplinary talent training


The global pandemic opens up a new avenue for innovative curriculum in the ever-changing business environment. The HKUST Business School will open admissions for its interdisciplinary dual degree 4+1 pathway – “BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence” (BSc RMBI) and “MSc in Financial Technology” (MSc FinTech) this coming September.


The new dual degree pathway allows motivated BSc RMBI students to pursue more in-depth exposure and development in FinTech. Selected undergraduate students will start taking MSc FinTech courses in their Year 4 and be admitted to the postgraduate program as full-time students in the following year. Students in this 4+1 pathway will complete both degrees in five years and might save up to 40% MSc tuition fee.


New extended major options for undergraduates


New technology and knowledge are emerging at an unprecedented pace in this digital era. To allow students to finish their studies within a four-year timeframe with a well-defined study pathway, the HKUST Business School will introduce new extended major options for undergraduates, covering emerging areas in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Media and Creative Art (DMCA) in September 2021 and September 2022, respectively.


The AI extended major enables students to learn fundamental knowledge in calculus, statistics and programming through cross-disciplinary seminars, a design thinking course and a capstone project. The 20+ credits extended major is suitable for students who want to pursue solid knowledge in business disciplines and innovative AI applications.


For creative talents, the DMCA extended major provides an integrated training of creative and digital media. This 15+ credits extended major offers a wide array of electives ranging from game programming, enjoyment of classical music, information systems and business protections for innovations, to marketing and visual communication.


More details about studying at the HKUST Business School is available at For admission enquiries, please contact


The HKUST student startup “Planeteers HK” is one of our success stories. Co-founded by four HKUST Indian students, this startup has gained increasing recognition for its award-winning vegan and biodegradable edible cutlery. Their innovative fight against the city’s mounting waste and pollution crisis testifies HKUST Business School’s entrepreneurial spirit that makes a positive impact on business and society.


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