Home Minister Rajnath Singh addresses 69th batch of IPS Officers

New Delhi: The Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh has called upon young police officers to orient themselves for a multi-dimensional role in the era of technological growth. Addressing the 69th batch of Indian Police Services (IPS) Officers here today, he said that behavioural and attitudinal orientation is equally important as intellectual excellence. He urged the officers to solve people’s problems with sympathetic and empathetic behaviour towards them. He stressed that qualities of police officers in their career should invariably include honesty, integrity, hard work and constant striving for excellence in their day-to-day functioning. He said assuming responsibility with a sense of purpose to help public is quintessential to the job of an IPS officer.

Shri Rajnath Singh said that technology should be utilised in an optimal manner for the development of police functioning and to address people’s problem quickly and efficiently. Mentioning anecdotes from his experiences as former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Union Home Minister said that society’s perception towards IPS Officers should be positive and Officers should likewise develop a sense of sensitivity, protection and security towards public, so that they can discuss their problems and have their solutions with ease. He exhorted the officers to have a visionary leadership role in their future job responsibilities with an attitude of development. The Union Home Minister said that it is the essence of job satisfaction and long term growth of service holistically too.

Shri Rajnath Singh said that IPS officers should inculcate the habit of power delegation for motivation of their team members with proper monitoring and performance review on a regular basis. He said Governance with transparency and responsibility is the mantra of success.