Honours student of K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce awarded Student Leader Fellowship on Global Environment Issues at University of Montanna, USA The only student selected from Mumbai.


Mumbai:  Shubham Biswal, a third-year B.Sc. student of K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, has been selected for a ‘Student Leader Fellowship on Global Environmental Issues’. Shubham is amongst the 4 students selected from India, The others are from Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. Twenty Academic Fellows from five countries –  Brazil, China, India, Japan, and Russia will participate in the program that will consist of a mix of lectures, workshops, field trips, and cultural activities.

The program will focus on putting the experience of participants in their country into a global context.  Topics will include climate change forestry; water management; hydropower; environmental impact assessment; food security; and transboundary issues.  Shubham will get the opportunity to engage with policymakers, indigenous leaders, technical practitioners, community members, and others.

He would be leaving on the 27th June 2018 to University of Montana for five weeks. This year the program is unique because it is on a very special topic called ‘Leadership on Environmental Issues’  where the students can enhance their leadership skills and also learn to tackle the environmental issues.

Says Shubam “I had earlier attended the Orientation Program of Honours, a leadership program in K.J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce for developing student leaders. It has given me many opportunities in life to prove my potential. It made me clear about my career, my passion, and the ways to achieve that. It is just because of Honours Program that uplifted my confidence, that I developed the skills needed to be selected to such a prestigious Fellowship Program.

After completing the Fellowship in Montana, I would like to begin awareness campaigns on various environmental issues in India using the ideas I learn from the program.”
Dr Sugandha Shetye, Dean Academics, K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce said, “ It is important for the youth to get exposure to the issues of the environment from different perspectives. In our college, through various programs, we help them get perspectives of India. Meeting and discussing the issues from students across countries will trigger innovation and newer approaches. “

She adds” Building leadership for the environment will only be possible if we build capacities of our youth to take leadership in solving environmental issues through a mixture of science, innovation and collaboration.”

Says Dr Shetye about Shubham Biswal an Undergraduate student studying Chemistry in final year B.Sc. The program has shown exceptional Leadership skills during last four semesters. “He is very innovative and finds his own way to execute any task assigned to him, be a Survey on Eco-friendly Ganesh Festival, helping underprivileged students from tribal regions or waste management in his society. He has excellent team building skills and tremendous ability to motivate his team members. He has campaigned for food donation drive as well as waste management games for helping people segregate their domestic waste in his building. He and his team have demonstrated excellent research attitude, communication skills and presentation skills. He has developed a Facebook page SOMSAKSHAM to educate people on Eco-friendly Ganesh festival. He is equally good in his academics, scored topmost grades, and already started working on his research project. He has completed two interdisciplinary courses on Sleep disorders and presentation skills.. He is well versed with research skills and has innovative ideas to find solutions for global environmental challenges.