Horticulture Department Ramban issues advisory for orchardists

Ramban: The Horticulture Department has issued an advisory for farmers of district Ramban for proper maintenance of orchids and fruit trees in the month of April.
In the advisory, the Chief Horticulture Officer, Ramban, suggested various measures to farmers for avoiding any damage and loss to fruit plants.
For Apple & Pear, the department has advised for 1st spray against scab at pink bud stage between April 15-30 with Dodine WP @ 60gm/100 ltr of water or Fenarimol 12 EC @40ml / 100 ltr of water. After 3 to 4 days of 1st spray, farmers can spray Chlorpyriphos 20EC @1ml/ltr of water to control blossom thrip, staking of a new plantation and removal of offshoots of fruit trees.
For stone fruits like Peach, Plum and Apricot, farmers are advised to spray copper fungicide @3gm/ltr of water at the Fruit set stage during the 2nd fortnight. Similarly, after 3 t0 4 days farmers are advised to spray chlorpyriphos 20EC @ 100 ml / 100 ltr for control of aphid/mite attack.
To control brown spots in apricot which show symptoms on leaves and fruit, farmers have been advised to spray mancozeb @2gm/lit of water and repeat the spray after every 15 days and stop the spray 15-20 days before harvest.
For walnut & pecannut, farmers have been asked to stake the young/new plantation; carry Defoliation at stem level leaving behind top foliage; Ensure proper soil moisture and Removal of off shoots/water sprouts.
To control aphid/leaf curl attack in walnuts, farmers can spray Mancozeb @2gm/lit followed by spray of chlorpyriphos @1ml/lit of water after a gap of 3-4 days.
For Citrus, the farmers have been advised to irrigate frequently at week’s interval; Apply half of Urea in April after fruit set if not applied in March; Spray 2,4-D 5gm/500 ltr of water against fruit drop 2-3 months before harvest; Spray Zinc sulphate @ 3gm / ltr of water against Zinc deficiency if observed.
For the control of leaf miner or citrus leaf folder, farmers can spray monocrotophos @1.25 ml/lit of water. For healthy foliage and rejuvenation, they can spray 1.5 kg of zinc sulphate in 500 lit of water in April, June and September.
Department has also suggested to the farmers to irrigate newly established orchards to maintain optimum soil moisture; White wash fruit tree trunks with lime and copper fungicide in ratio of 10:2 to avoid sunburn; Mulch orchard trees with mulch film / paddy straw; Ensure proper irrigation/drainage; Maintain social distancing while working in the orchards and wear masks.