House of Hiranandani sets record at World Records Union, Asia Book of Records & India Book of Records for tallest Christmas tree made of plastic bottles

Mumbai: House of Hiranandani(HOH), the premium luxury real estate brand, has recently received certification from The World Records Union, Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for the tallest Christmas tree made out of plastic bottles. This installation, made using 4000+ plastic bottles in Egattur, OMR aimed to reduce the use of plastic bottles by encouraging residents of House of Hiranandani properties in Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


Last Christmas, a 32.4 feet tall Christmas tree was created under the direction of Gowtham, founder of the ‘Walk for Plastic’ initiative. It was installed at the House of Hiranandani’s Egattur, OMR, Chennai township. House of Hiranandani residents contributed to this initiative by donating plastic bottles from their homes. While those residing at the Egattur property further participated by collectively decorating the installation with colourful lights to give it a more festive appearance. Zoom meetings and sessions were held to teach residents; particularly children, how to reduce and reuse plastic. The campaign received a strong digital response, garnering over 2.1 million reach.


Mr. Prashin Jhobalia, VP Marketing Strategy, House of Hiranandani said, ‘As an environment conscious brand, we have always endeavoured to work in harmony with nature. Balanced growth and protection and conservation of nature has been at the core of our functioning.  The Christmas campaign is one of the many environment-led initiatives taken by the company, as we continue to strive and make environment conservation and sustainability a lifestyle for House of Hiranandani residents. We are extremely delighted that our efforts have been recognised on a global and domestic platform. The Christmas #PresentForTheFuture campaign would not have been possible without the support of our residents who were the main drivers behind the success of the initiative.  The record encourages us to strive further to make a difference to society and the environment.”


Furthermore, when the installation was taken down after Christmas, the bottles were recycled, and the proceeds were donated for the education of young children from underprivileged areas of Chennai. To highlight this initiative, a #PresentForTheFuture video campaign was created, which has also bagged two other awards,  the Mad Over Marketing Award 22 for Best Social Media Brand- Real Estate and the Asian Customer Engagement Forum (ACEF) Gold for most admired social message.


The Christmas #Present for the future campaign is one of the many digital initiatives the brand has been strategically taking to build user-generated content. Lighting festival, photowalk are some of the initiatives where the brand’s audience has been invited to participate and engage on social platforms. The original user-generated content from the audience, comprising residents and prospects, has enabled the brand to provide an unfiltered view of the townships and lifestyle enjoyed by the residents within the township to its prospects and aspirants.


“The user-generated content strategy has worked well for us. Real estate being a capital intensive asset, home-buyers find confidence and gain trust in the product and brand by referring to the user-generated content.  Along with explicit display of the product and the lifestyle, the content subtly influences the home-buyers to trust the brand and buy the product, said Jhobalia.


Here is the link of the #PresentForTheFuture campaign video: