How Comfortable are PGs in Delhi If you Need to Work-From-Home?

This pandemic may have brought the world to a standstill but nothing has hampered the constant flow of work while we adjust to working from our homes. Maintaining social distancing, following all healthcare guidelines while continuing to be productive has been something most people have had to adapt to in a very short span of time. This becomes even more critical when you look at shared living conditions. Even if you are staying in the best PG in Delhi, far away from family, there are many factors that you would’ve had to consider in order to ensure your stay is safe and healthy. While some migrants to Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Indore, and more have gone back home due to the uncertain situation, those continuing to stay in say a PG is learning to adjust to the new normal. It definitely helps if you are in a professionally managed accommodation of the likes of Stanza Living, as they have been the fastest to adopt healthcare advisories and already have several checks in place for hygiene and sanitization. Equally critical is to ensure that your accommodation should have all adequate support – from convenient work from home facilities like separate work desks, strong internet to uninterrupted daily living services like meals and housekeeping. This helps you to stay productive and focus on your health while everything is managed.

Let’s look at how comfortable are PGs in Laxmi Nagar, Karol Bagh, Mukherjee Nagar, and other popular localities of Delhi for the people, who are working from home:

Productivity Shouldn’t Get Impacted

People staying in local PGs do agree that fast internet service is an issue at this time, especially as there are a number of them working on the same network due to which speeds get impacted. Interrupted video calls, stuck mails, and hampered productivity can be annoying at this time, especially as everyone is dependent on remote working for safety reasons. In this context, new-age managed accommodation operators are turning out to be a helpful option. Some of them have deployed enterprise-grade internet so that adequate bandwidth allocation can be done. They also have focused on convenient furniture – work desks, chairs, and storage areas so you don’t have to compromise on space.

Power Cuts Shouldn’t Make you Suffer

Another very common problem faced by people living in PGs is of a power cut, many of them can’t work efficiently and continually due to the regular power cuts, which also means your devices don’t get charged and work gets halted. That’s why you should opt for an accommodation that provides 24×7 power back-up. These days there are options to also have these inclusive in your rent so you don’t have to bother about separate utility bills.

Food Service is a Critical Need

Getting timely meals is also an issue that is being faced by many. With a lot of PGs either dependent on third party food vendors or external house help, the lockdown and movement restrictions have resulted in service disruption. As such many people have had to take up additional cooking and cleaning chores to balance with their work life. Others are forced to opt for food ordering – which is not the most pocket-friendly or even safe delivery option. In an all-inclusive, professional accommodation set-up however, you get the benefit of regular and healthy meals with in-house staff and kitchen service so you can focus on your personal and professional goals.

So, while people living in some of the local, unorganized options are facing challenges around health, hygiene, and productivity, on the other end of the spectrum are professionally operated accommodation which offers great consumer support even in the midst of the pandemic. Considering there is a wide range of rental stay options available to suit all budget requirements, you should prioritize a great consumer value proposition that is high quality and reliable.