How COVID-19 Brought Prosperity in Online Companies & Shopping Industries?

The recent worldwide outbreak of coronavirus has brought the world to its feet. There is no vaccination and medication available in the market that can cure a person infected with COVID-19. So, as a precautionary measure, the government of various countries, including India have implemented lockdown on its people. This nation-wide lockdown has affected major industries. Restaurants, aviation industry, sports, and entertainment industry, are few to name. However, because of social distancing, people have turned to the online world.

This COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to e-commerce, and companies that operate online. It is surely challenging for them also, but they still are making full use of this situation. Given below are some of the companies or industries that are booming because of the coronavirus pandemic:

Online Food Industry

When lockdown happened, many of your favorite restaurants got closed and weekends were no longer the time when you can dine out. Right? Well, the online food industry took care of it. They took the responsibility to deliver food right at your doorstep. They follow all the guidelines issued by the Government of India such as a minimum number of employees, proper sanitization of kitchen, and no-touch delivery. You can order from various online food delivery providers, such as Zomato and Swiggy, and your favorite dish will get delivered at your doorstep. Not only you can get your favorite dish online, but you can also order essentials and groceries from the comfort of your home. Hence, online grocery and essential service providers are also thriving.

Online Gaming Industry

Another industry that is helping people during these tough times is the online gaming industry. Before coronavirus pandemic, this industry was only limited to a younger audience. But now, games like Ludo King, PUBG are flooded by people. Family and friends are playing these online games for fun and have made it their lockdown ritual. Now you will say, you are not getting anything from playing these online games. No, that’s not true. Gambling games are also gaining popularity. You can play online casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Slot, and much more. You not only will have fun playing these games but can also increase your bank balance with the winnings. You can use the winnings from these online games to buy essentials or invest in your emergency fund.

Online Shopping Industry

This industry has been affected the most by coronavirus but in a positive way. A study has shown an increase of 55% in the Indian online shopping market during this lockdown period, whereas the same can be seen in countries such as Vietnam (57%), China (50%), Italy (31%). Malls and markets are closed, and people are maintaining distance from crowded places, so this has attracted the eyes of many buyers to the online shopping industries. Many e-shopping industry and fashion e-commerce companies like Mynta are delivering products. They are not delivering in containment zones and are continuously checking their employees and delivery boy’s temperature. It is mandatory for delivery but to carry sanitizer with him every time. They are taking precautions such as promoting contactless delivery, regularly sanitizing their products, and much more. That’s why the popularity of fashion e-commerce has increased. There is no doubt that the world will change after coronavirus pandemic ends and shopping online will be one of the changes.

Online Streaming Industry

We have talked about shopping and food, but what about the boredom? Because of the shutdown, we all are staying at home and it can get boring after a while. Well, that’s where online streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime comes. People these days are binge-watching shows and movies with family members. That’s why streaming sites are uploading more and more content, as they are getting views and that’s what they want. Many movies that were supposed to release during this lockdown period, are now directly releasing on these online streaming platforms, which are giving them loads of money.

Online Videoconferencing Industry

Due to the lockdown, we are not going out for schools, colleges, dates, or meeting friends or family members. It is where videoconferencing apps come. Video calling app such as Zoom has seen a sudden peak in their users. People are connecting to their friends and family members via these video calling apps. Not only this but organizations are also conducting meetings, educational institutions are teaching students on these video calling apps. Video calling apps are rapidly growing during this global pandemic.

Stay Safe, Stay Home!

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