How to create a perfect lawn with Makita grass trimmer

Creating an ideal lawn is an important step in the care of the local area. You need to deal with excess grass regularly because this is the only way to maintain a stable state of the site and prevent the appearance of weeds. Makita cordless grass trimmer will become a reliable assistant for gardeners in this matter.

Makita Grass Trimmer: Features and Benefits

Makita grass trimmer battery models are a real find for owners of private houses. They combine the advantages of gasoline and electric devices while having important differences:

  • Do not require refueling or connection to the electrical network.
  • Start without pulling the starting cable.
  • Provide freedom of movement. At the same time, there is no wire that gets underfoot and interferes.
  • When working, they emit less noise and can be used even by a child.

Low power models are the best solution for small areas. With their help, you can easily take care of flower beds and paths and clean the grass near the basement of the house. More powerful models are designed to process large areas and are not inferior in efficiency to gasoline lawn mowers.

Main Types of Makita Battery Grass Trimmer

The most popular models among buyers include:

  • Makita grass trimmer 18v. Weighing just over 2.5 kg, this model is great for working in a compact area. The device is designed for the grass of different density and stiffness, and it can be used to remove other growth. The fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm successfully copes with mowing grass, and the lightweight and ergonomic handle reduces the load on the arms and back.
  • Makita 40v. This range of cordless scythes is designed for medium-duty mowing and handling shoulders and other rough materials. The standard equipment of the device includes a wire nozzle, a cutting blade, and a mower with plastic blades.

Functional cordless trimmers are a great solution for lawns of all sizes. Check it out for yourself!