How to Maintain Your Car’s Headlights?

Headlights and brake lights are important exterior details in your automobile. The main illumination for driving at night is provided by the headlights and brake lights give a signal to the driver behind you when you are stopping or slowing down. So whenever you are operating your car, these sets of light must be in working order.

Generally, maintenance of headlights is easy and major repairs are also done in no time. But to just make sure that you are lighting the road perfectly while driving at night, you can take the help of these tips.

How to Take Care Of Your Headlights?

Once a month the owner of the automobile should check the headlights to make sure that they are in good condition and working properly.

  • Check The Lenses

Over time, headlight lenses also get cloudy and dirty. This will diffuse the headlight beams. If headlight lenses are yellowing or foggy then you need to restore and maintain them.

  • Check The Brightness

Naturally, headlights get dim with time. Even if they are working, you still need to replace them. To check the brightness before replacing the headlights you need to park your car 5 ft from building wall. Turn the headlights on and check the color of the light emitted from it. The light should be bright white and if it is dim or yellow then you should replace them.

  • Check Light Alignment

While you are checking the brightness of your car’s headlights, same time you should also check that both the beams are aiming well. Both sides should aim at the same point on the wall.  If the lights are too high or low, then it can create a blind spot for other drivers.  If you encounter even a small defect in your headlight beams then bring the car in to a mechanic to get them adjusted.

  • Clean Lights

It is important to keep headlights clean and debris free. When headlights get caked with mud or dirt, then it can hamper the effectiveness of the light. If your headlights are not clean then it can affect the vision at night time. You can clean and polish your headlights and other auto parts for brighter and transparent cleanliness.

Problems and Solutions Of Car Headlights

  1. Headlight Fuse Blowing Out

If your headlight fuse keeps blowing out, then follow the simple steps:

  • Firstly unplug the light and then pull out the switch then see if the fuse blows or not. If the fuse is not blown then the problem is not in the wiring.
  • Pay attention to the bulb wattage that it is according to the automobile model. You can buy a new headlight designed for your car and wattage on
  • Always make sure that you do not have a damaged or faulty bulb.
  • Observe if high beam bulb is an issue and if so then replace it.
  • Look out for all the wired connections and check if there is any exposed wiring and fix it

2.Headlight Keeps Burning Out

If you have just replaced your headlight bulbs and again it burns out then it is an underlying issue. Before taking the car to the mechanic consider the following options:

  • Do not carry bulb with bare fingers. Oils can burn out the bulb. Handle the bulbs with gloves and replace the existing bulb to prevent it from burning out.
  • It can also happen that the problem is in your installation process, you can gather information about the installation of a headlight bulb.
  • You can also check your bulb sockets if there are any signs of corrosion. If yes then the sockets also need to be replaced completely. At we have great auto parts collection of Chevrolet, Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, and many more for you to decide.

3. Headlight Flickering On and Off

You can also encounter headlight which is flickering on and off the main issue behind this can be a poor connection along the line. To deal with flickering headlight check camp connections on the battery. Due to continuous vibration of the engine, these connections can get loose. This can also happen that entire headlight wiring system needs to be replaced by professionals. Flickering can also happen if you are using a bulb with high wattage.



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