How to Monetize Your Website With Melbet-Affiliate

Generating quality traffic to your site is one thing, but managing its monetization is another. Do you have a website and want to turn it into a real source of income? It’s possible, but it takes work and often a lot of patience. And the best way to achieve that is through affiliate marketing.

Why should you make money from your site?

We agree that making money is always a plus. Add to that the effort put into building your site. The answer to the headline question is immediately apparent.

Is your site well visited? What’s the value? What do users trust? Then it can – and most likely should – generate income for you. So Start earning money with Melbet-Affiliate!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of receiving a commission for promoting another company’s products or services on your website. The partner chooses an affiliate service to promote and receives a portion of the profit from each bid made by the player. The advertiser will advertise online bets on cybersports and other popular competitions: soccer, basketball, rugby, etc.

What is the model for monetizing the site through affiliate marketing?

Here are the steps to follow:

  • You promote service through your website, specifically a link that the user can click on.
  • When the user clicks, a cookie is automatically generated.
  • The user is taken to an affiliate service page.
  • When the user makes a deposit, the affiliate pays the advertiser an automatic commission. This automation is provided by a known cookie that is generated.

Partners can choose between two payment schemes: CPA or RevShare.

  • The traffic payment scheme by CPA implies remuneration for Qualification: a new player is expected to make a minimum deposit and bet a certain amount of money on the Melbet betting site.
  • The RS traffic payment scheme makes it possible to profit from losses throughout the player’s “life” (that is, as long as he continues to bet on the Melbet website).

What are the advantages of the Melbet Affiliate program?

The Melbet-Affiliate program gives partners many benefits, among them:

  • automatic payments;
  • high conversion of registrations to deposits within the product;
  • commission for each brought player;
  • unique bonuses for your audience;
  • bonuses and promotions for players and partners;
  • over 40 payment methods are available;
  • high-quality promotional materials, which will help to promote the product;
  • all the necessary information is in the personal cabinet;
  • individual approach to each partner and marketing support.

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