HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ to inaugurate EK Bharat Shreshth Bharat Parv

New Delhi: The Union Human Resource Development Minister, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ will inaugurate EK Bharat Shreshth Bharat Parvbeing organized by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan under Ministry of Human Resource Development at the India Gate Lawn No. 6 in New Delhi from 31st October to 03rd November 2019. The Minister of State for HRD, Shri Sanjay ShamraoDhotre will be the guest of honor on the occasion. This event is primarily to showcase the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat’ and also to promote the communication & artistic skills of students through various competitions. Further, it also provides a platform to teachers to express their talent in performing and visual arts.

All the 25 regions of KVS are paired with a State different from their own State and also a Country. The students prepare projects/exhibits on the culture, customs, dress, agriculture, industry, economy, climate & topography etc of the State and the Country allotted to them. This gives them an opportunity to understand the Art & Culture of the paired States and the Countries, thus imbibing a mutual respect towards different cultures. The students compete at various levels- Vidyalaya/ Cluster & Region, before getting to this stage.

This mega-event is a broad platform for the students to display their creativity, originality, artistic skills, etc. In this process they overcome many challenges, linguistic and geographical barriers and awaken a strong sense of national pride and widen their horizons with a better cosmopolitan outlook. The details of participants from each region in Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Parv-2019 are –

Students 81
Escort Teachers

(Including 02 accompanists)

Music Competition Teachers 02
Art Competition Teachers 04
Total Participants from Each Region 95
Total Participants from 25 Regions 2375





I. KVS-Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat

  1. Non Competitive Event  


Cultural March-past (ShobhaYatra): Sequence of brief  displaysshall be made in the opening and closing ceremony consisting of  a) 20 seconds introduction in the language of the state b) 40 seconds song &dance display of the state c) artefacts in the background,  forming a continuous medley. In the opening ceremony this will be done by the students of Delhi Region for all the states and in the closing ceremony each region will represent the paired state.


  1. Competitive Events


  1. Group Dance: Students from one of the paired states will perform dances of their counterpart states.
  2. Group Song: Students from one of the paired states will present songs of their counterpart states.
  3. On the spot painting: Themes of paired statesto be given on the day of the competition.
  4. Solo Song: Folk songs of the paired state.
  5. Quiz –Quiz on the paired state. Thus there will be 12 winners for 12 pairs of states.
  6. Display of Artefacts/Project:  Students will display exhibits and artefacts bringing out the rich cultural essence of the paired state.
  7. English Elocution: Students will be given topics related to the state allotted.
  8. Creative Writing: Students to write about assigned aspect of the paired state.
  9. Story Telling: Students will relate folk lore and stories of prominent writers of the state allotted.
  10. Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat BhashaSangam: Students of one of the paired states will speak, write and display 100 sentences in the language of the counterpart state.


  1. Visit to Paired State: As a follow-up, visit of students to paired states will be carried out during the coming winter break.


II. Other Cultural Competitions

Students will compete in the following events as per the countries allotted to them:


  1. Group Dance (International)
  2. Group Song (International)


Competitions will also be held for students in:


  1. Theatre
  2. Solo Classical Dance
  3. Solo Instrumental


  1. Theme Based Exhibition

As desired by the Union Minister of HRD, this year 04 contemporary theme-based exhibits have been incorporated in the Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Parv. Each region will be preparing two exhibits per theme out of which best will be displayed. The themes are as follows:


Date Theme
31.10.2019 Fit India
01.11.2019 SamagraShiksha&JalSuraksha
02.11.2019 Ban on Single Use Plastic
03.11.2019 Swachh Bharat


IV. KVS Language & Literature Fest

Competitive Events

  1. Spell Bee: A competition of English word spelling.
  2. Debate-Hindi Topic: ‘विधायिकामेंमहिलाओंकेलिएआरक्षण, विधायिकाकोमजबूतकरेगा’
  3. Debate-English Topic: ‘Religion and Politics should not be mixed’
  4. Quiz: The quiz will be conducted in English and the theme will be “Life and Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi”.
  5. Sanskrit ShlokaRecitation:TheShlokas shall be selected by the participants from following themes- patriotism, national integration, social cohesion, youth/women empowerment or folklore.
  6. Hindi KavyaPaath: The Poem shall be selected by the participants to depict any of the following themes- patriotism, national integration, social cohesion, youth/women empowerment or folklore.


V. KVS Sangeet Kala Sangam

Events specially held for Music and Art Teachers, to motivate them in their quest for excellence, through Performing and Visual Arts.




  1. Music Vocal
  2. Music Instrumental
  3. Art – Creative Work
  4. Art -Traditional/Folk Work
  5. Art – Realistic Work
  6. Art –Artefact/Sculpture