Hubhopper Studio partners with UPES School of Modern Media, Dehradun

India’s largest podcasting platform Hubhopper Studio announces their first ever academic
partnership with UPES School of Modern Media, Dehradun. As part of this partnership,
Hubhopper Studio has been named UPES’s official podcast partner supporting the school’s
podcasting course available within the modern media curriculum.
Through this partnership, Hubhopper Studio and UPES School of Modern Media will develop
and execute collaborative activities, provide training, hold joint workshops and sessions to
teach students the evolution, future implications, and application of podcasts. UPES School of
Modern Media including podcasting in their modern media curriculum represents the ongoing
evolution of the audio industry and Hubhopper Studio is delighted to be able to support the
next generation of students to understand the opportunities podcasting offers whether this is
creators, marketeers or brands.

Transforming the way India creates and consumes audio content, Hubhopper Studio is a simple
and accessible platform which lets anyone create and distribute a podcast from start to finish
for free. With this partnership, School of Modern Media students will get to train on Hubhopper
Studio tools helping them learn and harness their content creation skills. The faculty and
students will also have access to veteran podcasters for relevant industry exposure and
opportunities to gain practical experience.
Talking about the association, Gautam Raj Anand, Founder & CEO, Hubhopper says, “I am
super excited about this partnership with UPES School of Modern Media, Dehradun. It is
promising to know that podcasting is being brought into the Indian digital media curriculum.
With the content space continuously evolving, podcasts are the next big thing, and we are
grateful to support aspiring content creators in starting their journey into becoming India’s
next big podcaster.”
Dr Nalin Mehta, Dean, UPES School of Modern Media, says, “Hubhopper is India’s premier
audio podcasting platform and we are truly delighted that our students will be learning from
the best at a time when India’s podcasting revolution is taking off. The way content is
produced, consumed and distributed is fundamentally changing and this means that the next
generation of communicators must be tech-ready with a 360-degree industry-ready skill set.
We are very excited that our students will learn digital audio with Hubhopper Studio tools
because this will give them a cutting-edge in a fast-evolving media landscape.”

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