Hulladek Recycling Kicks off New Awareness Strategy Among 100+ Schools in India


Kolkata: India’s only Authorized Electronic Waste Management Organization, Hulladek Recycling announces the launch of its new awareness programme, where they are conducting a 30-40 minute long interactive seminars with 100+ school students to bring E-waste and their associated environmental and health hazards into lights.
E-waste awareness program organized by Hulladek Recycling

The seminars will provide the platform to advance the necessary discussion upon current informal environment unfriendly practices of electronic waste disposal such as Acid-bath, Chemical leaching, open burning etc. and the imperative action taken by Hulladek forge a better and environment-friendly E-waste management process.
Nandan Mall, Founder, Hulladek Recycling

In today’s digital world E-waste is as fast a growing concern as I even write. Currently, most E-waste recycling activities in India are undertaken by the unorganized sector (Local kabadiwalas). While such sectors only recover 25% of the material resources, with the help of the robust and transparent operational model, organized sectors such as Hulladek Recycling not just set up collection centers and ensure recycling but also recover around 90-95% for the same, as per the norms laid down by the Government.

Appreciating Hulladek ecological efforts Rupa Pandit, a teacher of The Assembly of God Church School said, “I am honored to get this opportunity to write about the herculean project that you have taken. It has always been a dream of mine to see our country become a beautiful one but things seemed very difficult. Here, someone coming to make a difference is just wonderful. I appreciate the small steps that you, as a team have started taking and special appreciation to Mr. Nandan Mall for always remaining so charged that you never feel that the task is difficult. I am very satisfied and relieved as your team goes on doing what should have been done and set an example to make things happen beyond words.”

In addition to that, for better understanding and impact Hulladek conducted a fun quiz for students and asked for a ‘Student-Organized’ E-waste collection drive for the same. Finally, they were requested to report any electronic device laying around to Hulladek and for further encouragement, assured to get certified by their respective Principals for their contribution.