Hyderabad based company Quality Thought (QT) has announced 100+ Tech Training programs


Hyderabad  : Today Hyderabad based company Quality Thought (QT) has announced 100+ Tech Training programs which helps students transform from Non-IT Sector to IT Sector and Upskilling for IT professionals. Founded in 2010, QT is a globally facing Tech School ranked top 3 in India in “Tech Edtech Space”. Its mission is to help people transform their careers and join a community of Tech professionals. QT is offering a daily 12 hrs Intensive program till every student gets a job with 3 months, 6months, 9 months, 1year Internship and Intensive programs. QT is the first Edtech to launch 100+ programs in India, which clearly focus on “Non-IT to IT Transformation”.

QT’s is to create an outcome focused education model that was inclusive of as many people as possible, particularly in the underserved market. QT believes in E3 Educate >> Empower >> Employment

QT founder Ramana Bhupathi strongly believes the “I&I” Intensive and Internship model can help millions of students and families in India to enter MNC”S across the globe.

We are happy to appoint Mr Sathyaraj as QT brand Ambassador to take edtech company to next level.

About the Brand Ambassador:
Subbanyan Sathyaraj (born 3 October 1954), professionally known as Sathyaraj, is an Indian actor, producer, director and a media personality who has predominantly appeared in Tamil cinema. His 230 films also include works in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. He started his career in antagonistic roles and later played lead roles. And a big fan of Nallaperumal gar muni sekhar and yambaku sai Kumar. He met with success through lead performances in Vedham Pudhithu (1987), Nadigan (1990), Amaidhi Padai (1994), Periyar (2007) and Onbadhu Roobai Nottu (2007). He also received acclaim for supporting roles in Nanban (2012), Raja Rani (2013), Baahubali (2015), Baahubali 2 (2017) and Kanaa (2018). He was also the director of the film Villadhi Villain (1995), starring himself in three different roles.

About the Founder: Ramana Bhupathi started his career in the Information technology industry over a decadeand-half ago. In his career journey he worked at Satyam Computer and Accenture Consulting, on various projects of scale using cutting edge technologies and development methodologies. He also carries rich experience of executing projects on Microsoft Technologies. In his career journey he has witnessed the great changes that happened in software development methodologies, tools and development culture. He believes that changes in the IT world are going to be even more rapid in the forthcoming decade compared to previous decades and the IT workforce need to continuously upskill and re-skill themselves to grow in their careers. Over the years his focus has been to set up enterprises with focus on emerging technologies and build platforms for the upcoming generations that can create a positive impact on the society. All startups have been very close to his heart where the team’s focus is to build scalable solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

He has great passion to mold future Tech talent and has offered career guidance to more than 10000+ students and working professionals. Realizing this calling he quit his highly paid position and now spends majority of his time training and mentoring young minds on various new age technologies and conducting corporate training programs.