Hyundai Motor India Foundation expands its public health initiative ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’

§ Hyundai Motor India Foundation and Anhad India have extended their partnership to expand the ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ network § Plan to set up over 10 ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ in future

Vadodara: Hyundai Motor India Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. today announced the opening of 3 new ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ in partnership with Anhad India, an Indian socio-cultural organization. The next phase of the partnership will focus on inaugurating new clinics in the state of Gujarat over the next 3 months starting with the villages of Sankheda and Kawant. The ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ will provide medical consultation with specialist doctors over digital platform catering to a community of over 30,000 rural residents.


Commenting on the inauguration of the new ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ in Gujarat, Mr. Puneet Anand, AVP & Group Head, Corporate Affairs, HMIL, said “We are very happy to announce the inauguration of second phase of ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ in collaboration with Anhad India through innovative digital platforms. With our public health initiative ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’, we aim to significantly improve the healthcare system in underserved areas of the country by offering accessibility of medical services at affordable prices and advance the country’s pursuit of health and wellness for all.”


‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ resonates with Hyundai’s global vision for ‘Progress for Humanity’ with the purpose of ‘giving back’ to society by going beyond mobility. The opening of ‘Satellite Clinics’ under the public health program, ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ has strengthened the accessibility of healthcare services in the most vulnerable communities of country. Each clinic is operated by a qualified and trained nurse. The nurse assists patients to have a real-time online medical consultation with a qualified doctor. HMIF plans to promote community health service by providing preventive, promotive, curative referral services.


‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ program was formed last year with a vision to equip the rural areas with self-sustainable healthcare system across India through utilization of technology. The initiative in Jhakhrana and Mandhan centres of Alwar district in Rajasthan covers around 22,000 of population from 8-10 villages. The beneficiaries were provided with a health card to record their case history. The individuals diagnosed with serious ailments were referred to the nearest government or private hospital. ‘Sparsh Sanjeevani’ – ‘Satellite Clinics’ have helped to bolster public health and significantly enhanced the wellness quotient of villages residents.


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