“I write with light.” The first international networked children’s photo project

In the student project office of the Pedagogical Innovation Park, an international network creative photo project of schoolchildren, created by 4th year students under the guidance of Associate Professor Irina Vasilievna Komarova, has been implemented.
In the course of studying the course “Theory and Methods of Research Activity of Younger Schoolchildren”, students were engaged in the pedagogical design of research activities of students in order to acquire the necessary skills of productive leadership.

The teacher of the course, Irina Vasilievna Komarov, created conditions for the students in which they could test their pedagogical project during the internship and acquire professional skills corresponding to the ideas of Education 4.0.

On the World Creativity and Innovation Day, celebrated annually on April 21, the results of the work were summed up on the basis of the Student Design Office of the Pedagogical Innopark of PetrSU. The guests of the event were students in the 9th grade of Derevianki secondary school №5 and all those who are interested in this topic.

The summing up event was held as a bright and significant event for all participants in the international network creative children’s photo project “I write with light” and included: presentation by a student of the 4th “B” class of the MOU “Secondary School No. 2” in Petrozavodsk, Getmanova Raisa and Gu Mo, a student of the 5th grade Huatin school from China, macro photo projects (leaders: Kozhevnikova Alexandra and Wu Jiaqi, students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology); the premiere of the projects “The Path of the Researcher” and “Umechop Visiting Scientists of PetrSU”; TED-lecture “How not to fall out of love with photography” by Varvara Sergeevna Ermolenko, amateur photographer, cameraman of the Sampo TV 360 channel; master class “Teacher VS Fashion Model”, which was conducted by Evgenia Aleksandrovna Semina, primary school teacher at Derevyankskaya school No. 5.

As part of the event, a photo session (Romanova Yana) and a tour of the Pedagogical Innopark of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology were organized for the participants and guests, as well as vocational guidance work.

The event was accompanied by a live broadcast in the community of the PRO.UM Student Design Office on the VKontakte platform. At the moment, the recording of the broadcast has been watched by more than 1000 people.

A virtual exhibition of photographs of schoolchildren made in different genres, as well as other materials, are presented in the community of the PRO Student Design Office.

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