IAMCR-IIMC Conclave: A new Approach to Communication Research Required in Neo Globalised World

New Delhi: The panel discussion on ‘Communication Research in a Neo Globalised World’ that took place in International Association for Media and Communication Research and the Indian Institute of Mass Communication’s Regional Conclave at IIMC yesterday emphasised on having a new approach to Communication Research in Neo Globalised World. Contemporary characteristics of communication research in the times of neo-Globalization, like disruptive technologies, media hybridization, interdisciplinary nature of the sphere etc. were deliberated in the panel by Dr Shaswati Goswami (IIMC), Dr.Tarjeet Sabharwal, (DCAC), Delhi University, Dr. Ritu Sood, (Sharda University), and Dr. Shikha Rai (IGNOU). It was held under the guidance of Dr Bruce Girard and Dr Nico Carpentier (From IAMCR) and Prof Sanjay Dwivedi (DG, IIMC). It was convened and hosted by Dr. Surbhi Dahiya and Priyanka Sachdeva, Ambassador of IAMCR in India.

Dr. Sabharwal, while speaking on the topic said that Neo-Globalization is a multifaceted phenomenon which requires the study of rational economics. Speaking about its nexus with Communication Research, she further added that in India, the scope of the study has changed contours with special shifts from Print and electronic to social and digital media. In this departure, she briefly discussed notions of a pluralistic public sphere, media specificities, hybridization of media devices etc. Dr. Sabharwal said that media research has moved from its initial theories to creating social identities, and focused on new offshoots like experimental and longitudinal research.

The day-long event consisted of a panel discussion, three speaker sessions, a fireside chat, and screenings of prerecorded IAMCR sessions of Journalism Research Education and Political Economy section. Prof. Govind Singh, Dean Academics ,spoke about the seminar’s perspective to look beyond Globalization, into neo-Globalization. He briefly discussed concepts like Post-truth and fake news and underscored the importance of communication research from these emergent perspectives.

Dr. Saima Saeed, Honorary Director CCMG, Jamia Millia Islamia spoke on the role of media in the construction of a global Public Health community along with its strengths, caveats and pitfalls.She brought to the table two faces of the pandemic, one from the health perspective and the second, an info-demic. She spoke on the need of rethinking news as an anchor of the pandemic, and the various linkages that journalism established with pandemic communication. She raised the issue of competency of news and how the pandemic led to the swinging of various media narratives. She emphasized on media’s role in the presentation and representation of pandemic issues, and the interlinkages of truth multiplicity, positivist epistemologies and problematic politics. She concluded the session with her take on the media’s role in health data formulation and the notions of surveillance capitalism by the state. Dr. Sunetra Sen Narayan, IIMC faculty discussed the role of data in Intercultural communication with examples from Cultural studies, psychology and various other social science perspectives. Dr. Kulveen Trehan outlined the impact of big data in the scope of social research, and explored its potential to be an emerging research method.

Dr. Dahiya, hosted a fireside chat with Dr. Charu Lata Singh, who spoke on global media ethics, its trends, the contemporary requirements and how India is leading the baton in today’s times. The event also had screening of two pre-recorded sessions of IAMCR, on exploring the challenges and oppurtunities of journalism in a post-pandemic world alongwith paper presentations on Political economy.

The event was attended by 130 eminent media educators and Research scholars from across institutions of the Delhi-NCR region. In attendance was also an enthusiastic bunch of students from various mass communication institutes, like IIMC, Delhi School of Journalism, DU colleges, Amity University, Noida and VIPS to name a few.