IB Group’s New Investment Scheme Parivartan GEN NXT for the Youth


IB Group, a Chattishgardh based poultry firm has recently showcased their 35 years of rich experience in poultry farming and business at a mega poultry exhibition in Hyderabad on November 27, 2019. IB Group wants to move forward by advancing every young investor in all states and their districts to work with modern technology so that IB group’s quality protein products continue to be available to the consumer across the country.

IB Group has always grown into business by connecting people from every state with its growth. In the last 10 years, IB Group has been moving on the path of progress by adding about 10,000 families to work on similar lines. According to Shri Bahadur Ali, Managing Director, IB Group “Father of Modern Indian Poultry Industry”, the Indian youth is talented. The Indian younger generation is the future governing power of our country. They will get an exciting entrepreneurship path, which they explore in various employment opportunities, by providing modern technology used in the US and Europe in India itself.

To meet the same objective, IB Group has launched the “Parivartan GEN NXT” scheme at South Asia’s largest international poultry exhibition in Hyderabad. The biggest name of the International poultry industry “Aviagen”, Mr. Bob Doobie – President Aviagen, Mr. Paul Gittins – Senior Advisor Aviagen and Marc Scott from Aviagen, inaugurated the new investment scheme “Parivartan GEN NXT” of IB Group. With investment worth rupees 200 Crores the project will generate more than 25000 direct jobs and more than a lac indirect jobs over the course of the next three years.

IB Group wants to bring the country at par with all developed countries in the globe with the new technology. Through this Investment scheme, IB Group will support young and new investors joining the scheme as 25% loan-free investment for 3 years, as well as IB Group promising return on investment to its investors in 4 years. IB Group will provide free farm management training for investors who grow their business through this investment scheme and also provide necessary technical support as per requirement.

The three days exhibition received tremendous response from the young generation and by the poultry industry leaders on the ” Parivartan GEN NXT” scheme launched by IB Group.