IBDP Students of HUS International, Chennai and Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai perform phenomenally well


Mumbai: Amidst the pandemic, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) was conducted for Year 2 students across the globe. Students pursuing the IB Diploma programfrom HUS, International, Chennai and Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai, the educational institutes run under the aegis of Mr.Surendra Hiranandani, performed exceptionally well and have raised the benchmark of the school’s outcome of teaching and training. Their dedication and performance has been par excellence and the grades achieved by these focused and goal oriented students are well deserved and worth recognition. After months of diligence and enthusiasm towards their education, the students were thrilled to receive their final grades.


At HUS International, Chennai out of 16 students who appeared for the examination, four students scored a grade above 40 and have escalated the school average to 34.


Among these four young achievers, Surya Karthikeyan has attained a complete score of 45 in his IBDP examination, with seven points in his seventh subject, summing the score to 52. Moreover, he is the recipient of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, USA, which selects from among a talent pool of 1.5 million student applicants. He has been awarded with a full ride scholarship to the University of Florida.


The other students are Sahith Putthireddy with a score of 42, Anjali Reddy with a score of 42 and AvkashPappu with a score of 41.


At Hiranandani Foundation School Powai, of the 20 students who took the exam, 7 students scored above 40. The schools pass results are 100% and the school average has increased by 3 points to 35 IB points.


Alisha Imtiaz scored 44, Shreya Ompreeti and Siya Wadhwa scored 43, Eshaan Thapar scored 41 and Reeya Kulkarni, Akshin Byapari and Sejal Patil scored 40.


The credit for such an applauding performance is extended to the teachers and the principals of the respective schools who had meticulously delivered lectures online and made sure the concepts were well understood by individual students. Despite the drawback of the prevailing pandemic, collaborative teacher-student interaction was undertaken. Furthermore, sessions with regards to feedback and consultation for extended essay and the theory of knowledge were conducted. Teachers made wise use of the time window when the lockdown was lifted in the states by providing practical education and completing those sessions as well. The school made skillful and vigilant efforts to use technology for preparing, teaching and assessing the performance of the students.


Mr. Aaron Jacob, Director, HUS International, Chennai stated “We are extremely proud of the distinguished performance exhibited by our students. We have always managed to be above the IB world average, but this year we have surpassed ourselves, especially as we are a non-selective school and also after becoming an IB continuum school. The class average is 34 and 4 students have got a score above 40 and one student among them has scored 45/45.

The exemplary performance is the result of dedication and hard work put in by our students and teachers even during the challenging times of Covid-19. The results reinforces our commitment to create and nurture the best talents who will make a difference globally with their contribution.”


Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik, Head of School, Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai said, “We are delighted that our IBDP Year 2 students have done fantastically well with their exam results, especially in a time of the pandemic situation. We are really proud to see that the students have achieved such pleasing grades. Hiranandani Foundation School International has proved again that dedication and learning end at resulting in excellent outcomes. Our School average has increased consistently every year. After months of hard work and dedication, the students were thrilled to receive their final scores online. 7 students have scored above 40. The school average has increased by 3 points to 35 IB points.

HFS International is dedicated to quality education and the current results are testimony to that. The school lays emphasis on holistic development and creates a conducive learning environment that helps in enhancing the learning outcomes. We are proud that our IB graduates will go to prestigious Universities across the globe to pursue their dreams. We wish them luck.”



Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, Trustee of HUS International, Chennai and Hiranandani Foundation School Powai said: “ Our purposefully driven and well-structured educational institutes have helped aspiring students to have a vision for achieving their goals. The rigorous learning programs provides a broad range of intellectually stimulating and collaborative skills that assist the younger generations to mould their personality and prepare them for various personal and professional choices. We take pride and congratulate the educational professionals in efficiently training the students to achieve their aspirations and wish the young minds good luck for the bright future that awaits the exhibition of their skills.”


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