IC1101 associates with NEHU, Shillong for technology development of Unique Non-Contact based IR Scanner

New Delhi: The outbreak of contagious pandemic and its adverse impact on the human race and the world economy is a serious concern. During these uncertain times, technology is the only saviour. The Unique Non-Contact based IR Scanner is one such technology invented by NEHU (North-Eastern Hill University), Shillong. IC1101 announces its association with NEHU, Shillong for technology development of the contactless IR Scanner. IC1101 is a renowned conglomerate with a tech-based innovative product development business. It designs and commercialises the products to enhance it with automation and digitisation of industries & optimises businesses through strategic investment for scaling up the business.

The Unique Non-Contact based IR Scanner invented by Dr. Sudip Paul at IC NEHU is designed with the WHO (World Health Organization) norms. Following which it accurately measures the human body temperature from a distance of 100 cm. The scanner carries the hallmark of precision, making it a reliable technology to detect and control the spread of COVID-19. IC1101 has partnered with NEHU for technology transfer, manufacturing, and commercialization of this innovative product.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Vikash Sharma, Founder and CEO, IC1101 said, “Dr. Sudip has done a commendable job by inventing the Unique Non-Contact based IR Scanner at a place with infrastructure constraints. More than ever now is the time when we need contactless technology to defeat the pandemic situation. We are glad to connect with NEHU for the manufacturing and commercialization of their prototype product.”

Adding further, Dr. Devesh Walia, CEO, IC NEHU stated, “Our partnership is a major step towards making this invention easily available to commercial entities for public use. NEHU’s COVID innovation will be manufactured in bulk by the leading conglomerate enhancing its credibility. We look forward to a long term association with IC1101.”

Mr. Aakarshan Sethi, Project Manager, IC1101 shared, “We are glad to be a part of this initiative. This project is indeed special as it allows us to contribute to the betterment of the environment and society. With this association, we will unleash the potential of technology for a safer living.”

The contactless IR Scanner has a predominant role to play during these hard times. Enabling security forces to identify symptomatic people at the public places will avoid the virus containment. The association envisions combining innovation and utility during COVID-19 in the public interest.

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