IC1101 associates with (SFII) State Finance Institution for Innovations, Ukraine for Technology Transfer , Start-up’s Growth & Innovation and Global Business Expansion

IC1101 and SFII (State Finance Institution for Innovations, Ukraine) announce their association, happened in Eastern Europe. IC1101 is a leading conglomerate that digitizes industries and invests strategically to scale-up businesses. On the other hand, SFII, Ukraine offers financial support to business entities to attract investors for economic growth. The partnership mutually benefits both organizations to optimize the start-up ecosystem.

The prime focus of the alliance is to promote the sustainable economic development of the network countries. IC1101 and SFII are glad to join hands to offer new opportunities to respective Startup Eco-systems to work towards their Scalability and implementing growth Strategy for the upliftment of prospective Startups. It is also a revolutionary contribution to create a global reach for developing innovations and technology transfer. The current era is synonymous with innovative technology and digitization that predominantly need such collaborations to pace-up tech-driven advancements.

Confirming the partnership, Mr. Vikash Sharma, Founder and CEO, IC1101 commented, “We are happy to welcome SFII on board. This infusion of strategy and providing service infrastructure will surely make a huge difference for Startups in each region. With our association, we aspire to boost economic growth and Business Exchange opportunities for the startups of allied regions.”

“As a platform extending monetary support to businesses, SFII constantly looks for domestic and foreign partners , IC1101 is one of the renowned association. It’s a pleasure associating with them to encourage international business exchange and evolution of disruptive technology business for a better future,” added Yana Pidlisna, Deputy Head of the Board at SFII.

IC1101 and SFII make an exemplary collaboration, empowering businesses with an uplifting Startup Ecosystem in the field of technology and innovation. It is a foot forward to improve the startup-economic development of the associated countries.

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