ICAR-CIFA, organizes National workshop on Responsible Use of Antibiotics and Chemicals: Impact on Animal Health and Aquaculture

Bhubaneswar: The ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar organized National workshop on Responsible Use of Antibiotics and Chemicals: Impact on Animal Health and Aquaculture today at Kausalyaganga to create awareness on Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Antibiotic resistance (ABR) as an important part of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) specifically is resistance to antibiotics that occurs in bacteria. It is globally recognized as an emerging public health threat as antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective against disease causing bacteria. ABR leads to greater spread of infectious diseases, difficulty in treating common infections, uncertainty in success of high end procedures, longer hospital stays and more expensive treatment said Dr J.K Sundaray, Director, ICAR-CIFA, Bhubaneswar.
Dr S.S. Mishra, Head, Fish Health Management Division and Dr P. Swain, Principal Scientist and National fellow of ICAR-CIFA, Bhubaneswar emphasized that as per the World Health Organization, AMR is estimated to lead to 10 million deaths per year and lost output worth US$ 100 trillion across the world by 2050. There is an increased momentum in the world over to address the threat rising from ABR. The World Health Organization (WHO) adopted a global action plan to contain antimicrobial resistance in 2015 and member countries are to submit their respective national action plan by May 2017. Global leaders have also committed to act on AMR at United Nation General Assembly in September, 2016.
A total of 100 eminent personalities, scientists and experts in the field of human, animal health and fisheries attended the workshop. The eminent speakers who delivered their talks in this workshop were Dr.P. Ravichandran, Former Director, ICAR-CIBA & Member Secy, Coastal Aquaculture Authority, Chennai : Dr. S.C. Mukherjee, Former Joint Director, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai; Dr. J. K. Sundaray, Director, ICAR-CIFA ; Dr.B.K. Das, Director, ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore ; Dr. Anusha Rohit, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai ; Dr.U.C. Mohapatra, RC-MPEDA, Bhubaneswar; Dr.Sadananda Mohapatra, Deputy Director of Fisheries, Govt. of Odisha; Dr. Dudrga Prasad Das, Department of Animal husbandry and Veterinary services, Govt of Odisha; Dr.R.C. Patra, Dean, College of Vet. Sc. & A.H., O.U.A.T., Bhubaneswar and Dr.P.K. Patil, ICAR-CIBA, Chennai (National Co-Ordinator-“All India Network Project on Fish Health”).