ICode Launches Free Coding Education Platform in India

Bhubaneswar: ICode, a global leader in online coding education, has launched its free platform for students across India. The organization is committed to helping children acquire critical 21st century skills such as Computational Thinking and Problem-Solving. Within its first year of activity in India, ICode plans to provide access to coding education to over one million children.

Designed as a self-learning tool, even students without any background knowledge in coding, progress through a series of missions within ICode’s gamified platform. Designed to span a wide range of difficulty levels, ICode enables kids ages 5-16 years to learn both Block Coding and Python, one of the world’s most popular coding languages. The platform is available on ( https://learn.icode.org).

With the goal of reaching students of all backgrounds, the platform will be offered for free to initial group of signups, with some of the more advanced features available for a nominal subscription fees. ICode has already reached over half a million students globally and is seen as pioneer in Coding Education Technology, Assessment and Teacher Training.

Lerone Lessner, the organization’s CEO, remarked proudly on the launch, “We view India as a country with an expansive, promising young population that will shape the future of our global economy and technological progress. By launching our Free Coding Education platform in India, in conjunction with the New Educational Policy 2020, we can help equip India’s future leaders with the 21st century skills they will need in order to contribute to societal growth both locally and internationally.”

Expansion of their platform into India is part of ICode’s global vision of democratizing access to coding education. The organization aims to reach students from public to private schools, local to international education systems, and kids from families across all socio-economic backgrounds.

Acknowledging that their platform is currently limited to those with access to a laptop and internet connection, ICode is in the process of developing a Mobile App that is set to be released around the end of the year. This will enable students to use mobile phones to access ICode’s coding courses.


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