id8 Media Solutions announces a ‘5 day work week’ policy to help employees tackle mental fatigue and burnout

 Mumbai: id8 Media Solutions has announced a ‘5 day work week’ policy for all team members, effective immediately. This step has been taken for all the offices of id8 media solutions with careful thought by the management based on research and data statistics as well as listening to the id8 team sentiment. This further strengthens id8’s vision to be the foremost brand consulting firm with a global outlook.

“The pandemic has brought about a huge lifestyle change for all of us across levels of the company, there was an urgent need to reset and address the most important factor, employee happiness and productivity, we found the link to the two to have a healthy work life balance, and hence we have brought about this practice at id8.” says Tanya Swetta, CoFounder and CEO.

“At id8, our teams have adopted the online working model seamlessly, however, this increased our time of working on a daily basis by almost 60 minutes. A 5 day work week ensures that we can as a team be productive at work and at home, leading to a balanced lifestyle and a very innovative work environment” says Aman Swetta, CoFounder and MD.

Robust cognitive abilities, creativity, and enhanced productivity at the workplace require sound psychological and emotional health. Various reports suggest that 65% of people aged between 18-24 are suffering from anxiety and depression due to the constant fear of losing their loved ones to Covid-19. The International Labor Organization in a report, has said that this mental state may have a severe long-term impact on the productivity of young working professionals.

It is high time that organizations start encouraging a more flexible and compassionate working environment. Home quarantine, working from home with additional working hours can add stress and increase the burden on employees.


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