Idaho National Laboratory has earned national recognition for its work to develop next practices that embed inclusion and diversity into the fabric of the organization. Profiles in Diversity Journal named INL in their Top 10 Innovations in Diversity Awards (page 74), a recognition presented to organizations that have developed innovative solutions in the areas of workforce diversity, inclusion and human equity.

In 2017, INL embarked on a journey toward inclusive diversity, a fresh approach to inclusion grounded in psychological safety, treating everyone with dignity and respect, and creating a sense of belonging. Since the program’s inception, INL has seen a more diverse executive leadership team, increased the number of women and people of color in its talent pipeline, and had a reduction in labwide attrition. Keys to this progress include focusing on retention, psychological safety and inclusive career development.

“It’s an honor to earn national recognition for delivering an innovative inclusive diversity program,” said Mark Holubar, INL’s Human Resources & Diversity director. “We’re constantly assessing our inclusion strategy to ensure everyone at the lab feels they are valued, belong and can bring their best selves to work each day. It’s the unique perspectives and experiences of all of us that enable great science and innovation.”

Profiles in Diversity Journal publishes these top innovative initiatives not just to honor the winners, but to help all organizations progress toward greater understanding and bring about positive change. See a full list of the 10 winning organizations here.

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