IDEA Concludes with Stimulating Exchange of Ideas at Anant National University

Ahmedabad : Anant National University’s recent initiative, IDEA: International Designers Explore, Experiment, Educate at Anant, proved to be a dynamic experience for both guest designers and students as they delved into innovative design approaches and grappled with the intricate dynamics of identity in today’s globalized landscape. With the theme ‘Rediscovering Roots’, IDEA hosted eight international and Indian designers who led engaging workshops on various themes, culminating in an exhibition showcasing student projects born from these workshops.

The line-up of designers included distinguished figures such as Prof Gjoko Muratovski, Provost at the Australian Institute of Advanced Technologies; Prof Peer Sathikh from Nanyang Technological University; Prof Juan Antonio Islas Munoz, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Montreal, Canada; Mr. Ki Chan Lee, Founder of KI LEE Korea; and notable Indian architects like Apurva Mishra and Achyut Siddhu, Founders of Loksutr; Prof Cedric Serpes from the Goa Institute of Management and McArthur Foundation awardee; and Shashank Nimkar, Founder of Earth Tatva.

Gjoko Muratovski’s workshop urged students to explore an alternative history for India, unaffected by colonization. Prof Peer Sathikh delved into the concept of transmigration, exploring the fusion of diverse cultures. Prof Cedrics Serpes challenged traditional notions of music with his workshop, ‘Musical India: Finding Musical Expression with Imagination’, inspiring students to design new instruments. Juan Antonio Islas Munoz took students on a futuristic journey, envisioning Ahmedabad’s urban landscape 26 years from now.

Additionally, Ki Chan Lee’s workshop bridged history and fashion, encouraging students to design accessories inspired by both realms. Achyut Siddhu and Apoorva Mishra’s workshops focused on preserving India’s oral traditions, guiding students in translating tribal stories into tangible art forms. Lastly, Shashank Nimkar’s workshop explored the past, present, and future of Indian wedding rituals, urging students to look beyond tradition.

This dynamic exchange between students and design luminaries at IDEA equips future designers at Anant to navigate the complexities of identity in a globalized world, all while celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural heritage.