IDEMIA launches VisionPass in India, an unrivalled facial recognition access control device to meet the need of the hour for a hygienic, contactless and frictionless experience

New Delhi: IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, is launching its advanced contactless facial recognition access control device VisionPass for the Indian Market.

Our way of living has been drastically impacted during the last few months, creating completely new requirements for a contactless approach when it comes to accessing public or private spaces. IDEMIA’s contactless devices for access control answer these new requirements by offering a hygienic, contactless and frictionless experience.

VisionPass, the ultimate face recognition device for physical access and time & attendance control, extends IDEMIA’s range of contactless devices for access control. Designed as per the needs and requirements of end-users, VisionPass offers a unique experience: being identified on-the-move in less than 1 second thanks to its powerful algorithms. For more user comfort, VisionPass works in all light conditions from complete darkness to bright sunlight, with all face types and with various vertical and horizontal angles to cope with users of different heights (1.20- 2.00 meters / 3ft 11” – 6ft 6”). As VisionPass is designed for access control and security, it can also counter spoofing attempts by image, video or 3D masks.

Mr. Peeyush Jain, Vice President Terminals business, IDEMIA, said, “In the last few months, daily lives have been drastically impacted apprising us with new challenges, and with it there has surfaced a need for a contactless approach especially while accessing public or private spaces. Our contactless devices for access control address such new requirements by offering hygienic and frictionless experiences to end users. With VisionPass & MorphoWave solutions at hand, we now have the most powerful contactless biometric terminals available in India for organizations to ensure a ‘Zero Human Contact’ access experience. Secured access through these robust, reliable, and cutting-edge terminals is unparalleled, be it with facial recognition or, a touchless 3D fingerprint scan.”


IDEMIA recently won the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase Award in the Biometric category for VisionPass facial recognition device. IDEMIA already received a similar Award in 2018 for MorphoWave Compact, a biometric device that can scan and verify four fingerprints in less than a second. This new Award, this time for a facial recognition device, confirms IDEMIA’s ironclad technology in the field of contactless biometrics for security applications.


We have all become hyperaware of the criticality of hygiene in these challenging times. With superlative biometric terminals like Vision Pass and Morpho Wave Compact and their touchless sensor technology in the Indian market, establishments now have the choice to ensure a fully contactless experience for access control everywhere for authorized users, through these robust, reliable, and powerful devices. With VisionPass (facial recognition) and MorphoWave™ Compact (fingerprints), IDEMIA confirms its leadership in contactless biometrics for secure, convenient and hygienic access control.


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