iDreamCareerunveils one-of-its-kind platform that combines career guidance & mentoring for school students

Mumbai: With schools closed due to Covid-19, iDreamCareer (iDC) India’s only multilingual and largest unbiased full-stack career solution and guidance platform, has launched “Industry connect hub” –a platform to offer both career guidance and mentoring. Students in classes 8-12 now benefit from the unbiased career guidance offered by iDC’scertified counsellors while accessing their school alumnus and industry professionals. The hub connects students on a real time basis with mentors who can help them better understand a career, help with test preparation, college admission process besides scholarship & financing options. Machine Learning algorithms crawl through millions of data points on mentors – where they studied, what career they’re in, entrance exams they have cracked & what scholarships they received, to ensure the right mentor is connected to the student. Students asking for help appear on the mentor’s dashboard as “Chat Request” along witha small introductory message. Mentors have the option to accept or reject the chat based on what he is comfortable and confident of answering. With its objective of 100% data privacy, iDreamCareer continues to offer this feature with no sharing of data among student-mentors unless they are mapped and both agree to connect.

According to Ayush Bansal Founder & CEO,iDreamCareer, “There have been platforms that offer alumni connect to school students and ones which offer industry connect or mentoring for college students. But none that combines both and delivers it for school students layered with machine learning. This powerful combination allows the most smart and effective way for students to plan their course choices and thus their potential career paths. We look forward to helping millions of students being impacted by the current crisis and get their decisions right.”

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