IEEE Student Branch Inauguration

The much-awaited Inaugural ceremony of the IEEE Student Branch at Amity University Rajasthan took place in the afternoon of 20th December 2019. The honourable chief guest Prof. (Dr.) Uday A. Dabade, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Arun Patil and Pro- Vice Chancellor Prof. Amit Jain were heartily welcomed by applying tilak on their foreheads.

The anchors briefly introduced Dr Uday A. Dabade and stated a few of his several accomplishments such as receiving the DST Young Scientist award, publishing more than 125 research papers in national and international conferences and journals and receiving international grants to attend and present research papers at conferences being held places like Singapore, China, Australia, Hongkong, Macau, Malaysia, France, Portugal, Thailand and USA. The introduction of the chief guest was followed by the lamp lighting ceremony.

Dr. Manju Kaushik, the Branch Counsellor of IEEE AUR Student Branch was then called upon. She took this moment to extend a warm welcome to the guest of honour and all the respected dignitaries. She gave an insight to the audience about IEEE being the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity and how it’s official establishment as a student branch in AUR is nothing less than an eminent opportunity. She appreciated the students of this branch who are willing to make the utmost of this opportunity and said, “Their enthusiastic spirit to take this branch forward will prove to be rewarding”. She also congratulated Aadish Rawat, member of IEEE, for having won EUR300 in the ‘Amifost 2019 National Conference’ funded by Springer Nature.

After the welcome note, respected Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Arun Patil addressed all the dignitaries, faculties and students, and expressed how proud he felt to see IEEE student branch being organised and inaugurated in AUR. He spoke a little about his past association with Dr. Uday, the chief guest. He not only congratulated the students but also said, “There is a lot to learn from the IEEE forum. Students of the first year should also get involved since IEEE is not just a chapter in Amity but is recognised globally!”. He motivated the audience by saying, “GPAs should be appreciated, they are okay, but not enough.

Technical activities like these are more likely to prepare and update youfor the future.” In the end he wished everyone best of luck and gave them his blessings to take the student branch forward.

The honourable chief guest Dr Uday A. Dabade was then invited to share his affirmative words of wisdom with everyone. He addressed the audience and started off by telling how he considered the Vice Chancellor as his guru. Both the VC and Dr Uday share a common thread of history together in the Walchand University. He stated that the MHRD provides funds to 120 institutes and Rajasthan is a focus state for that. Around 3 crores are provided for student encouragement and activities. He congratulated all the concerned members for starting a Student Branch of IEEE at Amity University Rajasthan along with quoting that it is the best option for circuit branches for extra exposure. The focus of the speech was the motivation of students, for that he asked everyone to do a SWOT analysis where he asked everyone to “Transform your threats into opportunities”. Rajasthan has been said to be the most innovative state in the country, along with this India has been continuously ranking up in the Innovation index. He said, “Thus, we need to make students equipped with the tools to innovate and that will happen when we think out of the box”. He also suggested the technique of “tod-phod-jod” which roughly translates to making the best out of the resources currently available. He mentioned the importance of industry-connect program in today’s world. He urged the teachers to focus more on this and even go under industrial training themselves for they can teach students more practically then. He also promised any support he can provide us with. He signed off with a story of the bull and his owner which emphasised the importance of staying optimistic even in the most adverse situations. Through this he implied that unwanted situations may arise, but the IEEE students should uphold a positive spirit and continue to make this branch a success.

After that Dean Academics Dr G.K. Aseri addressed the crowd. He mentioned that IEEE is a group known for its contribution towards engineers. He humbly asked the students to use the facilities provided by the university to their fullest. He mentioned the use of course profile and even emphasised the importance of balance of both extra-curriculars and co-curricular in one’s life.To this Dr Uday stated,“We can adopt the practice of granting credits on the evaluation of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities so that students can get more involved other activities as well”

The IEEE website, made for the purpose of imparting knowledge about IEEE and its programs, was presented before the audience by the Vice Chairman Pratyusha Chakraborty. The facilities provided on the website and related details were specified by her. She told the audience that, “The website displays both past events with reports and upcoming events.Also, interested candidates can register online through this website.”

The event then proceeded with a short introduction of the IEEE AUR Student Branch Chairman Hemendra Sharma, Vice Chairman Pratyusha Chakraborty, General Secretary Himanshi Purohit and Webmaster Aadish Rawat.

Hemendra Sharma, the Chairman, came up next and started with listing the accomplishments of this student branch in the past two months. He then proposed a vote of thanks and counted it as a privileged opportunity. He thanked and mentioned his deep sense of appreciation for the chief guest and other dignitaries who addressed the gathering. He concluded by saying, “It might be hard to justify my gratitude through mere words, but I assure you that this Student Branch will justify its purpose and will make a name for itself! In the end, I would just like to say, I am grateful that because of you all, this initiative has officially commenced.”

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