IET India’s Kolkata Local Network to Host the Michael Faraday IET International Summit

Bengaluru: Michael Faraday IET International Summit is a flagship ‘call-for-paper’ event of the IET Kolkata Local Network which commenced in 2012. This year the 4th edition of the event will also celebrate 150 years of the IET and 75 years of the Kolkata Network.

Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India said, “I am delighted that the fourth edition of Michael Faraday IET International Summit 2020 is taking place in spite of an extraordinarily difficult year. I would like to congratulate the Chairs and members of the technical and organising committee for their amazing work in the midst of a global pandemic of unprecedented nature. It demonstrates the commitment to science, technology and engineering and our mission to engineer a better world.”

Kapil Khanna, Chief Patron of the conference and Chairman of the IET Communities in South Asia said, “Today indeed is a very important and proud day for all volunteers of the IET Kolkata Network. The last 75 years have been spent with notable volunteers leading, sharing, discussing and steering towards working to engineer a better world. I would like to congratulate all volunteers of the IET Kolkata Network for their relentless dedication and passion towards the field of engineering and technology.”

S N Mukhopadhyay, Chairman, IET Kolkata Local Network said that, “4 October 2020, marks a legacy of 75 years of hard work and dedication of our past and current community of volunteers. I am immensely happy and honoured to be a part of the IET Kolkata Network.” Mr Mukhopadhyay also added that, “This year we have received close to 100 papers for the event out of which 54 papers have been selected for presentation.”

The event will be spread out over two days, 3-4 October, 2020. For more details on the event, kindly reach out to us at:

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