IHM Srinagar and IHM Chennai organize online programme ‘Fascinating Folk Dances of Tamil Nadu, Jammu& Kashmir, & Ladakh’ to foster spirit of Ek Bhrat Shreshtha Bharat

New Delhi: To foster the spirit of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, IHM Srinagar and IHM Chennai of Ministry of Tourism organized an onlineprogramme‘Fascinating Folk Dances of Tamil Nadu, Jammu& Kashmir,&Ladakh’this week.Students from IHM Chennai and 3 students from IHM Srinagar performed the folk dances for these paired states under EBSB.

The students performed in remote and recorded the performance and shared the videoonline. The performances were broadcasted using online platform and a speech was given by the Nodal Officer appreciating the importance of folk dances of both the States.The event was watched and highly appreciated by all the students and the staff of both the Institutes.

An introduction was given to the famous folk dances from these locations, for eg dances which are performed at weddings and main events in Kashmir like Kud, Dumhal, Rouf, Hafiza, BhandJashan among others. Similarly, the tribal dances of Tamil Nadu include dances from the simplest form of a puppet show to the PoikkalKuthiraiAttam in which performers dress like a peacock for MayilAttam , as a horse while performing PoikkalKuthirai, as a bull in KaalaiAttam, snake like dress for PaampuAttam and as a bear in KaradiAttam.

The event ended on a high note appreciating the cultural diversity and richness by the participants . E-Certificates were given to all the performers and participants, a total of 192 students participated in the event.

The Sessions online are now available on theYoutube Link : https://youtu.be/_nmxgeju68Ealso on EBSB portal and all social media Handles of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.


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