IIFL Securities launches free OPEN API integration on its platform

New Delhi: IIFL Securities, one of India’s largest broking and advisory firms today said it has launched OPEN API integration for all its customers to boost their investing efficiency and market experience. All the APIs are free of cost and allowed across mobile (IIFL Markets App) and desktop (TT Web application).


With OPEN APIs, one can place regular orders, after market orders, bracket orders, and cover orders. After placing the order, we have APIs for modifying or canceling such orders. You can also monitor your orders and trades through order status, trade information, order book, and trade book API.


The APIs also help in generating reports around client’s holdings, margin, net position, and net wise position. To stay updated with the live market data, we have a market feed API that provides the user with candle data for the requested scrips.


The investors and traders can access real-time IIFL Securities platforms in 9 different languages – Python, NodeJS, Java, Rust, GoLand, .Net, C#, PHP, Postman JSON Collection – making it India’s most easily accessible platform. IIFL Securities has over 2.3 million customers and has been broking industry disruptor with introduction many new technologies.


Commenting on the launch Nandkishore Purohit, Chief Digital Officer at IIFL Securities said, “All our APIs are fast, robust and secure and are compatible for deploying any trading strategy with support of organization with 20+ years of experience. Our APIs are customized for both end users and IIFL’s vendors, dealers and franchisees.”


“The on-boarding process is smooth by single click API integration on TT Web and provides the best experience for algorithmic traders.“


OPEN API provides standard API limits of 60 requests per minute with complete flexibility as user needs. All APIs are authenticated using AES 256 encryption in the easiest and secure way.


All the API related information can be accessed at https://api.iiflsecurities.com


IIFL Securities has over 2.3 million retail customers, over 500 institutional clients and is the No. 1 banker for Equity IPO over 2018-2020 period. It is also one of the pioneers in bringing technology-led innovations in the broking industry in India.


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