IIIT-B Successfully Hosts UK Royal Academy of Engineering Workshop on Digital Futures


BANGALORE – The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B) announces the successful completion of its collaboration with the UK Royal Academy of Engineering for the esteemed workshop, “Digital Futures: Infrastructure for Equity, Inclusivity, Sustainability.” The event took place recently, and brought together global experts to explore the transformative potential of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) in promoting social equity, economic growth, and sustainability, while ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all citizens.

The workshop served as a crucial platform for participants to engage in insightful discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate on cross-cutting issues within three key themes:

Designing DPI for Sustainability: Participants explored innovative approaches to creating a digital infrastructure that supports environmental sustainability, reduces carbon footprints, and promotes resource efficiency.
Social Impacts of DPI: The workshop examined the social implications and benefits of digital public infrastructure, including its potential to bridge the digital divide, enhance access to education and healthcare, and empower marginalized communities.
Security, Privacy, and Availability of DPI: Participants addressed the challenges associated with ensuring the security, privacy, and uninterrupted availability of digital public infrastructure, with a focus on safeguarding user data and maintaining system integrity.
‘Name of the person’ expressed his thoughts on the significance of the event, stating, “The Digital Futures workshop at IIIT-B provided a vital platform for global stakeholders to come together and envision a future where digital infrastructure fosters inclusivity, sustainability, and security. By collaborating and innovating across sectors, we can create a digital ecosystem that benefits everyone and leaves no one behind.”

The workshop facilitated engaging discussions, productive networking, and the exchange of best practices among leading experts, policymakers, industry leaders, and researchers from around the world. Participants seized the opportunity to shape the future of digital public infrastructure by identifying collaborative opportunities and sharing their insights.

The Digital Futures workshop at IIIT-B marked a significant milestone in advancing the understanding and implementation of digital public infrastructure for a better future. As witnessed in recent times, IIIT-B remains committed to fostering innovation, research, and collaboration to address real-world challenges and drive societal transformation through technology.