IIIT-Delhi is going to Organise Research Showcase on April 07

Delhi: The IIIT Delhi is coming up with ‘Research Showcase’, the annual event to exhibit the prominent research and development work being carried out at IIIT-D and other premier institutions in Delhi NCR. This year’s theme of IIIT-Delhi Research Showcase is ‘Imagine – Innovate – Inspire’ and it is scheduled to take place on 07 April at the college campus in Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, New Delhi.

The research showcase is aimed for industry professionals and academic fraternity so that they can discover research and development work at IIIT-D and identify potential areas of collaboration. It brings the most knowledgeable researchers from both academia and industry such as IITs, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and TCS.

Mr. Niloy Ganguly, professor of computer science, IIT Kharagrpur will be the keynote speaker at Research Showcase. Mr. Ganguly has been collaborating with various national and international universities and research lab including UIUC, TU Dresden, Germany, MPI PKS and MPI SWS, Germany, Microsoft Lab, Adobe Labs, HP Labs, NetApp Labs, etc. He currently publishes in various top ranking international journals and conferences including ICDM, ACL, WWW, INFOCOM, SIGIR, SIGKDD, SIGCHI, ICWSM, CSCW, NIPS CCS, PODC, Euro Physics Letters, Physical Review E, ACM and IEEE Transactions, etc.

The institute provides comprehensive support and guidance to the students of various branches of engineering that boost the morale of young engineers and help them to develop innovative ideas as well as technological solutions. At Research Showcase’18, IIIT-Delhi invites students and faculty members from various technical institutes of India. Several activities such as Research & Innovation Talks, Student Breakthroughs, Tech Quiz, Start-up Interaction, Innovate Challenge, IBM Challenge, Project Demonstrations and Quiz Contests are designed to keep the event engaging as well as entertaining from beginning to conclusion.

According to Prof. Pankaj Jalote, Director at IIIT-Delhi, “People are curious to know that how a modern research-based institute functions, through Research Showcase IIIT-Delhi, they get first-hand information about our endeavours and achievements. Active participation in Research & Innovation Talks, Student Breakthroughs, Start-up Interaction, and Innovate Challenge, we really help students to discover their own horizons in a very interesting manner.”

IIIT-Delhi Research Showcase also proved successful in bringing closer the prospective post-graduate students to the industry professionals for collaborative research projects. Last year, Research Showcase had approximately 500 attendees from schools and institutions in Delhi-NCR.
This year, the ‘Research Showcase’ at IIIT-Delhi will include competitive events like Student Breakthroughs, Tech Quiz and Innovation Challenge along with discussion programs like Startup Interaction and IBM challenge. There will be stalls, too by the Research Centres with a provision of goodies at every stall. Cash prize in the range of Rs.10,000- 20,000 will be awarded to the winners of all the competitions. Entries are invited only till 15 March, 2018. Below are the registration links for the competitive events-