IIIT Delhi graduates shown a tremendous placement result in 2020

New Delhi: Once again, the students of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Delhi) fetched lucrative job offers from some of the world’s leading IT companies. Recently, the tech giants from India and abroad recruited a large number of students from B. Tech and M. Tech courses. The figures given below give a clear picture of the success of the recruitment drive.

Students registered for placement: 376

Number of companies visited: 105 +

Total Offers: 703 (410 Full time + 293 Intern offers)

Full time: 296 A+ Offers (CTC => 10 Lacs)

Full time: 114 A Offers (6 lakhs < CTC < 10 Lacs)

Indian offers: 408

Overseas Offer: 02

Highest salary (Indian): 43.31 Lacs for B. Tech & 36.00 Lacs for MTech

Highest salary (Overseas): 154.79 Lacs

Average B. Tech Package: 16.97 Lacs

Average MTech Package: 16.29 Lacs

Overall Average salary: 16.63 Lacs

Percentage: 100% (BTech CSE), 91.89% (BTech ECE), 100% (BTech CSAM), 96.58% (MTech CSE), 81.43% (MTech ECE), 61.54% (MTech CB)

IIIT-Delhi training and placement division trains students to excel both technical and communication aspects of the interviews. The TnP office organizes PDP sessions, mock test & mock interviews. Many faculty members also work as advisor who train students for how to answer the technical questions. All these activities are conducted to help the student to prepare for the day & face actual interview with confidence.

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