IIIT-Delhi placement record stays above 90 per cent

New Delhi: IIIT-Delhi’s placement record continues to be impressive as most programs have a 96% to 98% placement record. This placement season, a total of 443 offers were made at the Institute, which comprises 269 full-time job offers and 174 intern offers, said Prof Ranjan Bose, Director IIIT-Delhi.

Further he said, “I am happy to observe that this year also a significant number of students have opted for higher education. About 25 students from the graduating batch are going for higher studies out of which17 are pursuing M. S. and 8 are pursuing Ph.D. Our students are going to top overseas universities like Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California, John Hopkins University, Harvard University, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, University of Kansas, University of Texas at Austin, etc.”

More than 102 companies visited the campus offering 269 full time jobs and 174 offers for intern. 265 placements happened in Indian companies and four were overseas offers. The highest salary in Indian company was Rs 39 lakh for B.Tech & Rs 39 lakh for MTech, whereas the highest salary (Overseas) was Rs 40.72 lakh. Average package for B.Tech was Rs 15.81 lacs, Rs 17.43 lakh for B.Tech CSE 17.43 and Rs 11.30 lakh for B.Tech ECE. Average MTech package was Rs 16.39 lakh, Rs 16.27 lakh for M.Tech CSE, and Rs 17.65 lakh for M.Tech ECE. Overall average salary this year was Rs 16.06 lakh.

The Institute closed its admission process this month, and with this year’s admission, IIIT-Delhi’s student population has grown to 2230 students, including 1564 B.Tech, 484 M.Tech, and 182 Ph.D. students. This year, the Institute admitted 469 B.Tech students in seven programs, 207 M.Tech students in three programs with seven different specializations, and 27 Ph.D. students. From this year, the Institute has added two new interdisciplinary programs, B.Tech in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and Ph.D. in Human Centered Design. Last year, IIIT-Delhi had added B.Tech in Computer Science and Biosciences, M.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence, and Ph.D. in Social Science and Humanities.

This year the Institute received 36 research and consultancy projects sanctioned, for a total sanctioned amount of around Rs. 7.29 crores. Overall, there are about 103 active projects in the Institute. Its faculty members and research scholars have also filed for 5 Patents in the past year. The Ph.D. students received many prestigious fellowships last year, including one Prime Minister Fellowship.