IIIT-Delhi signs an MoU with LORDS EDUCATION AND HEALTH SOCIETY (WISH foundation) for the improvement of primary healthcare using AI and Data Science

New Delhi: Indraprastha Institution of Information Technology Delhi and WISH foundation has collaborated to carry on Research on health data analytics. Under the collaboration both organizations will carry out analytics of large datasets, data visualization and predictive analytics, exploring applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, to support data-driven decision making in primary health care, and policy decisions. Both institutions will also work towards digitization of health care by designing and implementing digital health interventions at the primary care level including clinical decision support systems, electronic health records, client friendly and privacy-protecting data systems for low-resource contexts.

WISH Foundation and IIIT-Delhi will collaborate on projects that fall within the mutual areas of interest listed below:

a. Translating research that emerges from IIIT-Delhi in the form of analysis, products and methods to implementable solutions and inform evidence-based policy making in LEHS|WISH’s various public health programs;

b. Faculty of IIIT-Delhi providing expert advice on digital health, data analysis and data security to support digital health and health data programming across LEHS|WISH Foundation;

c. Development of collaborative projects with an implementation focus, for which both the parties may jointly develop proposals for innovative digital health models;

d. Internship opportunities for students from IIIT-Delhi on specific digital health and health data projects at LEHS|WISH. Facilitate and support doctoral candidates in research projects that align with LEHS|WISH Foundation’s priorities.

“There are glaring disparities in healthcare. Pockets of excellent access co-exist with areas where people die due to lack primary care. “Health and well-being for all” can only be realized through a confluence of healthcare expertise, innovation and delivery of care on-ground. We at IIIT-Delhi are leading this change by closing the real gaps in healthcare through research and technological innovations in Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence,” said Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi, Assistant Professor (CB), IIIT-Delhi

“As an institution recognized for its cutting-edge research and innovation in the area of information technology, we are very well-placed to initiate both digitization and digitalization of health-care services. Under this collaboration, IIIT-Delhi will carry-out research towards making healthcare available for all, which is one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by UN for our shared future”, Prof. Ranjan Bose, Director, IIIT-Delhi.

“Primary health care is a cornerstone of our path to achieving Universal Health Coverage. Sound context-appropriate digital health interventions are critical to strengthening our primary health care systems. Over the past few years, we have seen the ecosystem take notice of digital interventions in primary health care with increasing emphasis. We look forward to this partnership to build upon existing advances in data analytics and digital interventions in developing innovative digital-led models to drive impact. Practically, we are looking at implementing these to ensure better delivery of primary healthcare at the wellness centers and mohalla clinics.”, Rajesh R. Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Lords Education and Health Society (WISH Foundation)

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