IIIT-Hyderabad, a city based autonomous research University launches “Hardware Product Prototyping Accelerator Program” with a focus on IoT, Wearables and Robotics.

Hyderabad: CIE (Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)@IIIT-H (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad )is launching an intensive 2-week Hardware Product Prototyping Accelerator programme with a focus on IoT, Wearables and Robotics for early stage startups.

IIIT-H is an autonomous research university that focuses on the core areas of Information Technology, such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and their applications in other domains through inter-disciplinary research that has a greater social impact.

The just launched Hardware Product Prototyping Accelerator Program will enable startups to transform their early prototype into a functioning product prototype and check if their products are addressing a real need and achieve the user goal. The focus is mainly IoT, wearables and robotics.

Through the accelerator, startups can craft better solutions by learning from early, and inexpensive mistakes before taking their products to the market andvalidate their products costs faster driven by Lean tools and methodologies. It will also give potential users and investors a more tangent understanding of the product.

In collaboration with two Hyderabad-based organisations TMOT (The Makers of Things) and Collab House, CIE@IIIT-H will combine makerspace infrastructure with rapid prototyping concepts, industry mentors and skillsets that are essential for early stage startups to successfully test, refine, and improve their early prototype.