IIITH launched its deeptech startup initiative, CIE v2.0

Hyderabad: IIITH today launched its deeptech startup initiative, CIE v2.0 – the next generation of its Center for Innovation &Entrepreneurship, that has been incubating startups since 2008. This incubator in its 9 years has enabled over 300 startups and by 2013 was the largest academic incubator in the country. The experiences formed the basis for IIITH to help structure T-Hub in 2015.

With the startup ecosystem maturing and a wide range of support currently available, CIE@IIITH will now be focussing just on deeptech innovation and startups. The expanded space, and the deeptech startup programs were unveiled by BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman, CYIENT and Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, IT and Industries, Govt of Telangana.

BVR Mohan Reddy has been associated with CIE since its founding. He said that deeptech innovation is imperative and will shape the future. After unveiling the deep tech programs, Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, IT and Industries, Govt of Telangana said, “We now have a very broad support ecosystem for early stage startups in the city, and this deeptech focussed incubator is a great addition to Hyderabad.”

Speaking on the occasion, P.J. Narayanan, Director, IIIT-Hyderabad, “Our research centres work on emerging technologies that are widely recognised across the global research community. We now have to look at how these technologies can be used in the industry and startup ecosystem. We’re excited about IIIT-Hyderabad productising these research works.”

The deeptech startup programs will be implemented through a 5-pronged approach that includes productising research through EIR, co-innovation and TTO, encouraging and facilitating research connect to startups, developing a deeptech community, seeding and nurturing deeptech startups and an open innovation model. CIE@IIITH is also starting domain specific accelerators, the first one which is IIIT’s medtech accelerator and very shortly AI and ML VLSI.

CIE has till date incubated 250 startups, many of which gone on to raise approximately 35 crores of funds. Some of the deeptech startups coming out of IIIT’s research labs include:
Vivasvat Biosolutions – a research driven company providing innovative custom bioinformatics solutions for corporate, government, and academic research groups working on biomedical sciences
DreamVu -a VR camera technology startup that has been working on accessible, affordable and immersive VR camera technologies. The idea is the enable people to capture reality like never before.
Blue Semiconductors -an R&D company in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) domain that has been developing the world’s most accurate, low cost, low power and low area sensor and power management solutions for IoT domain biomedical applications.
GoLive Gaming Solutions – one of India’s best gaming technology companies which creates game IPs. From holding some of India’s largest competitive gaming competitions, to making independent games, to being the preferred development partner for many publishers, to building their own tech frameworks, GoLive has been one of the constant forces at CIE@IIITH around game development.
Manjira Digital Systems, a DSP R&D startup designing next generation computing architectures for high performance computing. They’re addressing the bottlenecks of existing processor/co-processor/accelerator architectures. Its patent-pending disruptive technology is bringing a fundamentally different approach to computing with very high performance at low power consumption.
Imaginate – an augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) & mixed reality (MR) technology based enterprise that offers innovative visualization products and services, which enhance the consumer’s experience of reality.
Fabulyst –an AI startup that enables styling theory assisted shopping at fashion commerce stores. They recently raised $225K angel funding.
eBhasha Setu – a language technology start-up that provides translation as a service for all major Indian languages. Its “Technology Assisted Human Translation”, combines advanced language engineering technology with the naturalness of human translation to deliver content that is most fluent and accurate while delivering a better turn around time.